Week Notes 24#25

A pretty busy work week, and a start of an on-call shift, but managed to get some life admin stuff done too

  • Got the executive function to finally get in touch with someone on Task Rabbit to help sort out the chaos of cardboard in the garage
    • And it was well worth it πŸ‘
    • Very thankful of Simon coming and helping clear out almost all of the cardboard we had, and now we've got a huge chunk of the garage back
    • It did require a bit of time going through it, and while Simon was here, involved helping out too, but well worth it
    • Meant that we didn't need to do many a tip run ourselves, but does mean we now need to go through what's left and book in a follow-up pickup for a lot of the remainder
  • Didn't get round to Asda pizza as I was on-call, and didn't want to risk being caught in traffic or worse, have to leave my pizza to deal with a call 🫣
  • Learned about sql-studio (from Laravel News on my Google News feed) and very much liking it
  • In DMD I also started digging into improving performance for policies by analysing the policies and not pre-fetching data we're not going to use
  • Spent some time learning more about database indexes, and starting to find some good options for some low hanging fruit with dependency-management-data's DB - was fun learning about .expert, sqlite3_analyzer, and understanding more about explain query plan
  • Did a little bit in the garden - especially as we now know when the gardeners are next booked in - but boy did it take a while in the heat
  • Heard a bit of a ruckus with the birds outside and two magpies were fighting a crow/raven over what looked like a nest, but it's unclear whose
  • Elastic are sponsoring my time on oapi-codegen for 4 hours a month πŸŽ‰ Very appreciative and looking forward to being able to dedicate some good time towards the project on work time, as well as the sponsorship from other companies off work time too
  • A papercut that's been getting me recently is that when I boot my desktop it hits a rescue boot mode when I've decrypted my drives, related to something about a dependency on my disk, which is weird because I can mount it OK from the rescue mode (and is what I've been doing) - I finally took the time to actually look into what's been going wrong with it, and turns out just running fsck and checking the results was all I needed to do 🀷
  • Played a lot of Apex Legends - and found it's rather embarrassing for my TDM team when I'm the top of the leaderboard πŸ˜…
  • Been starting on partially writing a blog post ("things I know about Git commits") but giving it some time to think of more things
  • Had both Morph and Cookie in the living room on Saturday evening with me which was nice
  • Sent through the application for the monkey puzzle tree out front needing to be cut down (again, after quite some time of needing the executive function)
  • Started refreshing my slides for Tuesday's talk at Digital Lincoln
  • Starting to put some words towards (in my mind) my 1000th blog post celebration, given this will be post 994 πŸ‘€ I've been keeping an eye on the numbers for the last couple of months


  • How I Met Your Father
    • But only the first half of the first episode, couldn't make it much further
  • The Acolyte
  • Shogun
  • Psych
  • Scrubs
  • Safe House
  • America's Sweethearts
    • (while Anna's been watching it)
  • Rick and Morty
    • Smashed season 7 this weekend, as it dropped onto Netflix
    • ... or so I thought ?
  • Saturday Night Live (on YouTube)

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