Week Notes 24#24

  • A very busy week at work writing + demo'ing the design doc around Renovate, and doing various bits around that and some other work we've got in the planning phase, as well as demoing our hackathon week project (dependency-management-data updater)
  • After the release of oapi-codegen, and the follow-up release with the new module path, I started on making it possible for Renovate to do replacements for Go modules
  • Worked on adding an embedded SQL browser to dmd-web
    • This is exciting for a few reasons, but largely the fact that it can now be a single binary (if you want a slightly reduced feature set) and it has a pretty good fallback functionality
  • Played a lot of Ratchet and Clank: A Rift Apart - including some lunches - and completed both the story mode (~18h in) and then finished an additional challenge mode run through (~33h in) including all but a couple of weapons maxed out
    • I'm planning on writing a lil' review, but not got the brain energy to do it yet
  • Had a very good massage, but may have ended up falling asleep a little bit πŸ₯±πŸ’†
  • Heard some pretty chilling screeching one night, as if an animal had got some birds πŸ˜…
  • A very chilled weekend, recovering from a busy few weeks, and a brain intensive week
  • My SQLite + Neovim workflow article got shared in HackerNewsletter, so I've had a fair bit more traffic for it
    • Also updated the version of the Asciinema player, after Marcin (the Asciinema maintainer) released a version with support for Neovim + Kitty colour scheme
    • And because it required an upgrade from v2 to v3, which changed from a Web Component, the updates led to a few of my posts being syndicated out to the Fediverse
  • Got approved by Open Collective for oapi-codegen (now we're on our community org) and so updated all the repos with sponsorship details, so it's now clearer how to sponsor
  • Had a Fly.io bill recently which had some additional charges due to bandwidth, and having a little executive function this weekend I looked into it and it turns out I've transmitted 290GB of bandwidth for the dependency-management-data example app πŸ˜… Oof
  • Helped the Deliveroo folks with some dependency-management-data related debugging
  • Had a nice thank you email about one of my articles
  • Had some nice time with Morph in the living room a few times this week 😻
    • And he was very enthralled watching the sliding doors open and close
  • Tried cola bottles jaffa cakes which are pretty nice
  • While talking about making steps towards Principal Engineer at work, I've been re-sharing my "I don't want my next promo (yet)" post
  • Got some πŸ˜‹ pizza from Asda, but there was some pretty bad rain on the way which luckily didn't stop me
  • The rain has been pretty bad this last week, meaning not going out very much
  • Cookie had fun chasing a fly yesterday
  • Cookie had a couple of good days of daycare this week - Monday, ahead of Anna being at Staff+, and Friday so we could have a chilled long weekend - and has been a very sleepy girl afterwards πŸ₯°
  • Had a nice pedicure with Anna on Friday - complete with a massage chair and nice chatter - although we didn't get into town for lunch due to the weather being so awful
  • Also played some Apex Legends this afternoon
  • Had a nice walk with Carol and Juno at Bunny Old Wood


  • How I Met Your Mother
    • The final season (😑)
  • (No The Acolyte)
  • (No Shogun)

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