Week Notes 24#20

A busy week of on call, and the start of my ON Week (hackathon) at work:

  • Cookie was in daycare on Monday - as it was meant to be my hackathon week and I wanted to have a bit of space to get stuck into things with Anna out for a couple of dyas this week - but Cookie was a little poorly and didn't want to eat her breakfast which isn't like her, but luckily she had a nice day
  • But her being away meant Morph could have a decadent lunch with us πŸ₯°
  • Things are looking good for our first OpenUK digital (online-only) meetup next week - hope you're able to join!
  • GitLab's expiration of tokens hit me, and I'm still finding uses of long-lived tokens that are leading to broken pipelines or integrations
  • Cookie's been under the weather this weekend, poor thing
    • I'm adamant that her forehead (and more specifically, her eyebrows) smells of plastic(?)
  • Had to check the car's tyre pressure as we had a warning - looks like one was ever so slightly lower pressure than the others, and still above the recommended pressure
    • Although I got it on the way to Asda, I wanted to wait until I was home to check them as I didn't want my first time doing it to accidentally end up giving myself a flat tyre πŸ˜…
  • After writing a snippet to add left join owners for SQL queries in my Neovim setup - for dependency-management-data - I ended up getting around to playing around with both sqls and sql-language-server again, and stuck with sqls as it works really nicely, and gives some great autocomplete for authoring SQLite queries for dependency-management-data
  • Had a fun escape room (Guilty!) at the National Justice Museum with Carol and Hayden
    • Was a fun escape room, and a mix of speeding through things and taking our time with some of it
    • We completed it in 37 minutes and were pretty chuffed
  • Then we had a drink at Vi-Va Indian Tapas while Carol and Hayden were waiting for their food, and Cookie's patience ran out πŸ˜…
  • Enjoyed what I could attend of Mender Con on Thursday, and there were some good talks
    • I also did an open space for ~10 people about dependency-management-data, which went fairly well and got some good interest
  • Had Asda pizza on a Sunday(!!) Which could be a slipperly slope
  • Wrote tz + wrote about it - and already getting a lot of value from it!
  • Had some good success with crossposting the oapi-codegen news to Lemmy, and had one reply so far
  • Made a lil' bit more progress on oapi-codegen prep for the next release, and hoping that post ON week I'll have some brain capacity to work through the last few things
  • I also got my domain unblocked on Lobsters - which was blocked due to 3 posts of mine being marked off-topic within a fairly close timeline and so led to "try not posting your site for a year" - but was noted I seem to be the only person so far who's had their domain blocked, but has still ended up participating in the community πŸ‘πŸΌ so that's nice
  • Having fun playing Regexle
  • Submitted to be an influencer in the pool for freeman + forrest
  • Bought some Phish Food today at Asda - after being on the look for it for a bit - and πŸ˜‹
  • Music this week has been a lot of the same things on repeat - Best - Parker Remix - Borgore, Parker and later in the week Paradise - Akacio, HYLO
  • This afternoon the word "jurisprudence" kept being repeated in my head, but I'm not sure it was mentioned in the escape room so maybe just stuck in my head for another reason
  • Did some more Ring Fit this week πŸ’ͺ
  • Bit gutted that Cat Snack Bar now has limits on how many time skips I can get with their long lived events, which sucks cause I've been enjoying being able to buy ~100 of the 4 hour skips in each of the events
  • Got a new jug from Asda
  • Cookie's been enjoying her living room bed
  • The weather has been very nice but also some really awful days too - classic summer, with a side of the climate emergency
  • Morph's been very silly and squishing himself between a (small dog) bed on the conservatory chair and the side of the chair, which doesn't look comfy but he seems happy

In ON Week:

  • Supported Ellie working on Backstage + DMD and Isaac on Renovate, alongside being on-call/Host of the Week
  • Made great progress on getting dependency-management-data set up to more regularly sync dependency data


  • TitanFall 2 (as usual)
  • Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (with Anna)
    • Did some Lynel hunting 🏹
  • Apex Legends
    • For the first time since 2023-12-27(!) I've been able to get Apex to update to the latest version. Many attempts to download the patches, ending up leading to re-downloading several times, or a repair of my install which again, leads to redownloads, but alas an uninstall, failed repair, some issues with EAC and a reboot, and finally I could play!
    • Partly hyped to play again - not that I haven't been in the past - after watching the Altered Horizons short
    • Had a couple of hours of Solos this afternoon, which was a fun way to get back to it, and get used to the differences in gameplay to TitanFall 2
    • Enjoying the "reque" option, and solos is fun (especially with the other gameplay tweaks)


  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Shogun
  • Saturday Night Live (on YouTube)

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