Week Notes 24#18

  • Another busy week at work
    • We've postponed on-call changes to next week to finalise a few things
    • But, as it was Labor Day in most parts of the world on Wednesday, I was effectively the only one in on my team to support a high-priority, internal-only incident so felt like I was on call anyway πŸ™ƒ Managed to get it sorted, but left my brain a little bit (ya know? Can't quite put it in words, but maybe "metallic feeling" is what may help explain it?) so the rest of the day was a little bit frazzled, where there were lots of other things to deal with
  • Played a rather ridiculous game of TitanFall2's Frontier Defence on Master on the Homestead map, which was ridiculous. And funny that I've managed to do a few games of Master before - not for a few months - and didn't remember just how beastly nuke titans were
  • Had a really great chat with Kyle and Andrew of sqlc (and Riza) about the excellent stuff they've done with sqlc, and my appreciation of it, some areas I may be looking to get contributing, a little about general Open Source maintenance and generally was just nice to chat with some great maintainers
  • Had a good idea for the Encore Launch Week hackathon, to produce a cache for Ecosyste.ms' API which - at least when running locally - made some very big performance increases
  • Hooked - Koven & A.M.C has been on loop a lot this week
  • Had fun at a LinkedIn Live event with Dan Lorenc, and hoping others enjoyed it and may start using it - if you're interested in watching it, you should be able to watch it on the LinkedIn event
  • Just been out to Rakki Rakkas for dinner πŸ˜‹ Some very good bread and dips before food, and then Iskender (which we've been wanting for a few weeks) was πŸ‘Œ And was lovely to be out and have a lil' date night πŸ₯°
  • Written three big blog posts this week
    • Lessons learned self-hosting Renovate
      • Unfortunately not as much traction on this post as the last one, but was still good to be out of my head, and I know a couple of folks who're reading it
      • Really got into the writing zone with it on Friday and spent a good chunk of time ignoring everything going on and just getting words written. I do enjoy the flow that can happen, although it can take a bit to convince my ADHD brain to do so
    • And two soon-to-be-published posts about oapi-codegen with some exciting news πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ Which have been on-and-off since October last year, and this weekend have taken a fair bit of time finishing them up
  • Very excited that next week I'll be a guest on Cup o' Go πŸ™Œ and in particular talking about oapi-codegen and maybe those blog posts πŸ‘€
  • Also been making some steps towards oapi-codegen's next release, hopefully out in the next couple of weeks 🀞
  • Attended a really interesting Tidelift webinar, which was a good demo of Tidelift's platform - and the first time I've seen some of the flow for subscribers - as well as getting some insights into some other data points that are useful for selecting bad dependencies you rely on
  • In the zeitgeist, Kendrick Lamar's ruthless takedown of Drake has been funny to see - second and third hand through others' posts and memes - and definitely finding that this Key and Peele sketch comes to mind with it all
  • Cookie's been super chill today which was nice, especially as she'd not had a walk since yesterday's late morning walk at Bestwood lakes, which is hopefully a sign of how she's gonna be with the heat 🀞
  • When we got home we gave Cookie an Amazon box with some treats in it and she was very confused, frustrated, and barky, then started pawing at it, jumping back when the box moved (and tipped towards her) and was very funny and cute
  • Updated my /now page which had some rather outdated things in there


  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Shogun

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