Week Notes 24#17

  • The second week of work being super busy πŸ₯±
    • This coming week is the first week of our new on-call/host-of-the-week, so there's going to be a lot less context switching and (internal) customer support
    • Meant there's been a fair bit less free brain time outside of work as it's been rather intense during the week
  • Had a couple of different folks at work reach out about dependency-management-data and whether it could help them solve a query which is cool
  • While playing with Cookie, she jumped at my nose - mouth open - and her teeth broke the skin on my nose a fair bit
  • I've had Falling - Cyantific on loop a fair bit this weekend
  • Got some Caramilk ice cream, which is confusing - not quite as nice as regular Caramilk
  • Started using the JIRA CLI at work to make it easier to open our board / create new issues, as I ended up starting to write a script to open up the various boards I need
  • Spotted the Encore x Golang Insiders Hackathon (Launch Week) and spent a bit of time at the weekend playing around with it
    • Really liking some of the design and experience that the encore CLI and development process has, deffo reminds me of the Architect Framework, but feel it may have a leg up on snazziness
    • Not sure I'm going to be able to get round to doing it, as I'm not sure what an oapi-codegen playground would look like, and Go-and-Typescript interop isn't quite there yet, so building the start of the dependency-management-data cloud isn't quite as easy
  • Been interesting seeing how many hits I've been receiving on my site from links from the oapi-codegen README rewrite
  • Spent a good chunk of the weekend writing what will be some very exciting posts for oapi-codegen next week πŸ‘€ Very excited to share
  • Spent some time working on syncing files between GitHub repos, in particular making it a re-usable Action
  • No updates yet on the Hackerone report I'd raised, but hopefully soon 🀞
  • While implementing --version at work on a CLI we own, I noticed that I'd not implemented it correctly with DMD either, and so needed to fix that too as well as my article about how to do it
  • Had a nice catch-up with Sebastian (for the first time)
  • Had fun playing some of the shrines with Anna in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
  • Had a nice coworking day with Carol on Friday, despite both of us having a busy day and not being able to chill quite as much!
  • Cat Snack Bar has been fun this week
  • Cookie had a good day at daycare on Friday, and so she's been super sleepy and cute this weekend
    • We took her for a walk after Anna got back from a quick trip to Derby and Costco, and she'll be nice and sleepy tomorrow
    • On the way back we got a Rakki Rakkas πŸ˜‹
  • Got some crappy Substack spam
  • Had a good catch up with Giuseppe, in particular learning about devenv.sh
  • Enjoyed this inventive new date picker
  • Didn't get around to any Shogun this week as it's been a busy week
  • Excited to be playing with dependency-management-data with Dan Lorenc next week - we booked it in ~2 months ago, and I'm eagerly looking forward to some feedback and to see how he (and the chat) find it πŸ˜…


  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Love
  • Derry Girls

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