Week Notes 24#16

  • My final Shut It Down Day
    • Had a nice massage, and bought a course of massages so I now have 10 more massages paid for and ready to enjoy πŸ’†
  • While we're in the process of rolling out one of the tools for development environments at work, I've been finding that I can't remember all the configuration file options, so spent a bit of Thursday afternoon writing a JSON Schema that can now be used with i.e. a YAML Language Server, which is super nice
  • After a restful weekend, I felt I had a bit of brain space on Tuesday night to make a start on tidying my office, and made some really good progress, and a bit more this weekend, to the point that it feels like it's almost a not horrible space to be 😹 (for other people, my mind's been generally OK separating myself from the chaos while I exist in it)
  • Some busy days at work, with a lot of brain power, bit of context switching, but happy with getting some stuff done
  • Started using (at work) the fzf shell bindings, so I can use ctrl-r and enjoying it so far
  • Did some triage on my TODO lists, cleaning them up a bit
  • Very much enjoying Cat Snack Bar's new minigames
  • Didn't get around to Ring Fit this week
  • Had a nice walk with Cookie on Wednesday morning, as Anna was in the office, so couldn't walk her
  • Flossed for the first time in ahem a while, and took a day for my mouth to feel OK again 😹
  • Very much enjoyed a bit more of a comedy podcast heavy week, enjoying it breaking up the heavy tech rotation I'm usually on
  • Had a nice Rakki Rakkas on Saturday
  • My HackerOne report from last week was confirmed as valid by (company) πŸ‘€ but they've not yet rated it, so I keep re-checking their bug bounty rewards track and keep kidding myself into the fact it may be a very high bounty, but we'll see
    • I've also seen they've fixed it πŸ‘€
  • I've noticed I've been bitten by a change in tmux which has removed my muscle memory's i.e. :split-window -p30 to :split-window -l30 πŸ™ƒ
  • Had Morph in the living room for cuddles which has been nice, and Cookie's been mostly good about it
  • Had some super intense rain / hail this week, as well as a nice bit of sun
  • Started writing "lessons learned hosting Renovate" this afternoon, but didn't get far with it cause I'm all writing'd out, after the oapi-codegen docs
  • Very surprised that a really old npm package of mine is still getting downloads 😬 I hope no one is relying on it, and I've now marked it as deprecated
  • Had a few songs on loop this week, mostly vibes - Syence
  • On social media, Anais Ulrich received a cease + desist letter from Qovery, after commenting (indirectly) on an event they ran last month which wasn't a diverse group, which sparked some discussion at the time. Since posting about the cease + desist, the whole situation has ballooned in visibility, discourse and personal attacks on Qovery - not Anais' intent at all - as people have been rightfully surprised that a company who's been called out on not running a diverse event, instead of looking to fix that, will then go after a woman who commented on it and attempt to silence her 🀷
  • Threw a load of batteries away at Lidl's battery recycling πŸ‘
  • Been playing some of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom with Anna this evening

In oapi-codegen:

  • Finally finished off the docs revamp for the core project and and
    • Involved a tonne of adding additional test cases and examples, largely so I could authoritatively speak about what we support and how ti works, but also to give users a view for the future
    • Pretty happy with the result! And very glad it's done for now as it's been a lot of work
  • After doing a JSON Schema at work, got round to doing one for oapi-codegen, which has already been useful for me
  • Didn't get around to any of the other changes I'd hoped to
  • Getting super close to being able to share some very exciting news πŸ‘€

In dependency-management-data:

  • Made a start on the big ol' SBOM refactor, making the core changes, but now needing to do all the other pieces of work, which I'm still unsure if it's gonna be the best solution 😬
  • Started thinking about making a GitHub Action for installing it, including allowing consumers to specify a compatible-since version to reduce their risk of breaking changes
  • Played around with parsing SQL files, to present much nicer human-facing documentation in Datasette and maybe in the future for the web app too


  • Friday Night Dinner
  • Shogun
    • We'd got about 30 seconds into it last Sunday night, but it involved too much reading to start with that we thought we'd watch it post-dinner and then didn't get around to it. Good so far!
  • Derry Girls
  • How I Met Your Mother
    • As our new chilled programme, despite me still forever hating the ending (and Anna knowing some of the ending going into it)
    • Watched the "official" alternate ending, which was so much better than it could've been
    • Rewatched the "45 days" speech after something in the first few episodes triggered a memory
  • Scoop
    • Spent a large amount of the film trying to work out who I thought Romola Garai was, and turns out I kept thinking she was Olivia Cooke

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