Week Notes 24#15

The one with the Lead Dev webinar and lots of Renovate:

  • My Google Pixel Watch got stuck on the bootloader after doing an update, so I had to factory reset it. Very annoying that I didn't notice until after a trip to Lidl, so I missed out on some steps 😩
  • We've noticed that Morph's been spending time sitting on the garden chairs, lovingly sunning himself
  • It was my Lead Dev webinar, Does your org need platform engineering?
    • Was a good experience, and some really interesting things the panel shared - I need to watch the recording though, as I was very in my head about what I was gonna say when it came round to my questions
    • Was interesting seeing the behind-the-scenes process with some of the prep, and Simone's excellent ability to make it super conversational
    • Felt like I shared some good points in my sections
  • Some discussions about Renovate at work led to me - finally - getting around to writing up why I prefer Renovate over other tools, as well as an internal document with more specific reasons
    • Within minutes(!) of it being live on my site, someone had posted it over to Hacker News
    • It spent > 12 hours on the front page (not sure exactly, as before I went to bed it was 12 hours)
    • In private browsing, searching for renovate dependabot shows my blog post as 5th result 😱
    • Had some good chats on the Renovate Slack about it and feedback from folks
    • Thought I'd cross-post to Dev.to tonight and see what happens
  • Spent a bit of the weekend working on a CLI to fetch Renovate JSON and put it into SQLite for further parsing, which has already popped up some interesting things at work πŸ‘πŸΌ
  • I've also been getting some free internet points this week with my post of the OpenTofu response (yay!) to Hashicorp (boo!) onto Lobsters, as well as getting to see the interesting discussions
  • While Anna was away, had a nice walk with Carol and Juno to the railway cutting in Sherwood
    • Was a bit of a walk, which was nice
    • Had a bit of a play with the dogs
  • Had a Noodle Inn takeaway 🍜🍘 on Saturday night which was nice, and had so much leftover to share with Anna when she got back on Sunday
  • After the walk yesterday Cookie's been so sleepy that she's barely done anything today - aside from a super excited hello to Anna, and a lil walk in the evening - which has been nice
  • After a restful weekend, I ended up having some energy to tackle some of my office tidying - not too much, but a good start
  • Submitted my first HackerOne responsible disclosure πŸ‘€
    • Let's find out if it's a valid finding, and if so, there'll be a blog post off the back of it
  • Got some good uptake from a survey I've sent round at work about who contributes to / maintains OSS, so we can see what we can do internally to support maintainers, as well as separate work for externally
  • A reader looked to add my blog to planetgolang.dev - which, TIL! - to which I made my first site change in a while, to add an articles-only RSS feed - more details in this post
  • Had a very nice Rakki Rakkas for dinner πŸ˜‹ We'd forgotten just how 🀌 the chips are and the wrap was so good too. One big con from moving away from Sherwood
  • Had Searchlight and Someone on repeat a fair bit this week as they've been itching my brain right
  • My Discover Weekly on Spotify has been 🀌
  • Updated my blog post for listing all repos in a GitHub org as I realised I didn't have an example of how to do it with Go, and I've ended up writing it a few times recently (alternatively: I've implemented it a couple times recently with the search interface, then remembered this post does it a better way)
  • My work laptop has struggled a few times this week on calls, locking up and needing to be restarted (with the keyboard being unresponsive, but the trackpad still working), and I think I may have worked out why - I was demoing turbolift to the team, and it happened again, and as I was rebooting it I touched just above the function keys and almost burnt myself 😬 Laptop was running hot πŸ”₯ So may need to rethink how I have my laptop and if I should set up a stand for my laptop to be on
  • Some more Ring Fit this week
  • Took Cookie to the park on Wednesday - as Anna was in the office - and then was able to drop Anna at work
  • On my personal calendar, tweaked the colours of my personal events + tasks, as I realise I've just had them as default since I first created my account πŸ™ƒ
    • This only really occurred to me when I had my work calendar side-by-side with it - which I'd done because I've been on-call this week - and it was a bit different colour wise
    • Not that I need to have things connected, but it's been handy when I've been out-and-about and I can still keep an eye on what's up
    • This time, I stopped my GMail syncing, as getting work emails - during personal hours - is annoying
  • Some good episodes of Off Menu podcast this week (off the back catalog)

In dependency-management-data:

  • Added the derived package_type (from a pURL) for Renovate data
  • Refactored how compatible_since works, as it's actually been annoying when making changes to datasource tables, which I wouldn't expect an added column to break anything, as folks shouldn't be directly inserting
  • But it's been good to have and has given me some more guardrails around "should this be breaking" as well as for consumers


  • Taskmaster
    • But decided to stop watching Season 6 (the latest on Netflix) as we're not really enjoying it
  • Rick and Morty
    • Finished Season 6, and struggling to find a way to watch Season 7 😞
    • Including a couple of the specials, which have been very weird πŸ˜… but interesting in the different styles/forms
  • Josh Must Win
  • Friday Night Dinner
  • Derry Girls
  • Hot Ones (with Conan O'Brien)

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