Week Notes 24#14

A short week with it being Easter Monday:

  • Had my family come up for the day which was very nice - we had a chilled one at ours, and went over to The Larch Farm for a lovely lunch 😋
    • They were very generous and gave us some lovely Easter eggs and chocolate treats, and it was nice they were all able to come up
    • Saw Auntie Anne and Eleanor too, which was nice
  • In "LinkedIn isn't a dating site", earlier this week I got a request from someone whose tagline was "Helping guys get better dating photos" 💀
  • Got some new (Covid prevention) masks which are good - they're ones I've had before and are so much better than the ones I got before our Italy holiday, from our local pharmacy 😅
  • Cookie's been a bit under the weather - we think from eating the hoof we gave her a bit of an upset tummy - but she's better now, and it meant she was a lot quieter and more chill for a few days 🙃
  • Morph came into the conservatory one evening with a slug on his back 😅🤮 He's been enjoying chilling on the slate and bark patch a little too much, we think
  • Almost had pizza for dinner tonight, but I was 6 minutes late to getting there to make our own, which we now at least know ends at 1430 on a Sunday 👀
  • Had a bit of a painful Wednesday with the Internet being very bad at home - while Anna was in the office - so ended up having to shift some of my 1-1s to Thursday
  • Had a social Thursday - mostly focussed on team 1-1s and team meetings, and a couple of external friends
    • Had a nice catch-up with Abby around many things, including project vs product
    • Had a nice catch-up with Lorna around setting up a remote OpenUK meetup
    • Caught up with Diogo and had some good chats about DMD and some things that Deliveroo could find useful
    • Wasn't quite as exhausted by chatting to folks as I thought I may be
  • Had a nice Friday coworking with Carol
    • After turning my Thursday to meetings only, I then had a super productive Friday 🚀
    • Took my Packed Pixel which worked well for remote working and having my Slack always open - although it was a much smaller screen than I remembered 😅
    • Had a good focussed morning, and then a more relaxed - but still productive - afternoon on the sofa watching SNL, chatting and working
  • A post on LinkedIn about on-call pay at companies came up, so naturally shared my on-call compensation page and have been getting some clicks through the week 👀
  • Nice to have Carol over for Saturday dinner, after her and Anna spent the afternoon together
  • 3 Ring Fit sessions this week 💪🏼
  • Cookie's been enjoying waking us up ~0130 most nights this week 😡 very disruptive
  • A discussion on Lobsters led to someone else adding a salary page 👏🏼
  • After getting my first mythic on Cat Snack Bar, got another two this week now I know exactly what I needed to do
  • In the wider tech world, there's been:
    • Some good discussions around xz and the way the attack unfolded
    • There's also been some good discussion about funding - and how it maybe doesn't work? Or maybe sometimes that the organisations looking to give funding maybe have requirements behind them (i.e. return on investment, rather than goodwill, which can be hard when you're a business)
    • Matt Asay's supposed "evidence" of "stolen code" with OpenTofu has had some good discussion, and eager to find out what happens with it
  • Been interesting to see how different folks have been affected by xz's backdoor, and how they've been responding
  • Looking forward to being on my first panel next week, and still got a few things to do to prep for it 🤞🏼

In dependency-management-data:

  • Landed the ability to track the "compatible since" version, which will be very useful for folks always pulling latest versions (my recommendation) but then having fun with breaking changes
  • Rethinking how SBOMs should work in part due to the way that, as part of looking at xz impact, I learnt that we've got some good (internal SBOMs) for containers at work, and thinking that it'd be nicer if it were less painful to import many SBOMs


  • Taskmaster
  • Tenet
    • Our first time seeing it, off the back of a good watch of Memento last week
  • Rick and Morty
  • Josh Must Win
  • The Job Lot
  • Saturday Night Live

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