Week Notes 24#13

A four-day week ahead of the Easter weekend.

  • Enjoyed attending the GitHub OSPO Advisory Board, learning about cool stuff being done at GitHub and OSPOs around the world
  • On Thursday, went to see James Acaster in Nottingham for his Heckler's Welcome tour, which was very good!
    • We'd forgotten that we'd booked it until a week or so ago
    • Cookie was mostly OK on her own for the evening
    • At the end, James mentioned he'd got through roughly 40% of his planned content, due to tangents and distractions off the back of heckling
    • Some good mix of deep chats (related to therapy and his realisations about his life) as well as funny tangents, zany stories and thought it was a pretty cool that at the end he mentioned that it "doesn't matter if [he] enjoyed the show", and that instead he's here for us, and not to centre himself
  • Pizza night was a lot better, as Anna's toppings were all available, but mine wasn't quite, but I had a good backup to substitute to make it a good pizza nonetheless
  • Now it's Easter week, we've started having our Easter Eggs πŸ˜‹
  • An interesting (and slightly spicy) thread on /r/Nottingham about salary expectations for jobs
  • Created wm to send webmentions from a given URL (given the webmention CLI doesn't seem to make it easy for arbitrary URLs), and then found that I did it just over a month ago, but hadn't pulled the code on my laptop 😹
  • One night I went to let Cookie out and a black cat was chased away, incidentally it was not Morph, which I knew because Morph then came in, so not sure if he had a matching friend, or what
  • After several months of working towards it, finally was able to get my first mythic type for Cat Snack Bar
  • Got back to Ring Fit Adventure, after meaning to definitely since the start of the year
    • I'm up to day 111 on it, and it's a lot harder than I remember - every day is squat day πŸ’ͺ
  • Still can't seem to download Apex Legends, and am tempted to just uninstall it and then retry
  • Very happy that the Gopher Slack is finally getting back to allowing threads in #general, one of the biggest pain points of it, and makes it so incredibly hard to have discussions
  • Got round to replying to some messages across various Slacks, which was a big weight on my mind
  • Had a very excitable afternoon one day with Cookie, with us both playing hide and seek in the house, and then sneaking in/out of the living room so she couldn't get to me and had to keep running around
  • Had a pretty good sandwich shop, and a very good brownie πŸ˜‹
  • The xz backdoor
    • It's been very interesting, both the backdoor itself, and the means it's taken to be shipped
    • I took the opportunity to blog about how dependency-management-data and OpenSSF Scorecard could provide a lil' bit of insight into places that may be affected by a similar issue
      • Especially as it was within a couple of hours of announcement, and I wanted to monopolise on timing, but I know some of the chatter online talked about all the SCA platforms saying "use our tools, it'd help you avoid this" so πŸ˜…
    • There's also been some big things in there around OSS sustainability - leading to maintainers that don't burnout and then arbitrarily bring co-maintainers onboard who want to do bad things
  • Anna and I had a nice walk around Blidworth woods with Carol and Juno and Cookie
    • There was a dog that was lost from its owner, but luckily they came to find it - Cookie wasn't at all happy when I tried to get the dog's attention to try and get it on lead πŸ˜…
  • Started the internal team handovers, which went well and had some good discussion
  • Continued work towards oapi-codegen's triaging of old issues, as well as working towards the big ol' documentation revamp
  • Morph's spent some time in the living room which has been nice
  • Sad that Five Guys no longer does Reece's Peanut Butter Cup, but managed to approximate it with a peanut butter and chocolate mix
  • Netflix appears to have lost history for most of the week's media, so I've had to go on memory for some of these 😹
  • A weekend of πŸ₯±


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