Week Notes 24#12

A last day in Rome, travel home, and then back to work.

  • On Monday, Anna had booked a pasta + tiramisu making course with my parents, which was a lot of fun, and a lot of work πŸ˜…
    • Was interesting to see just how much work a single portion of fresh pasta (ravioli and fettuccine) can take, and nice to eat our food afterwards πŸ˜‹
  • Went to the Pantheon and the Trevi fountain afterwards, after a lil' coffee and chill across from the Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi
    • And some time with Rick Steves
  • On Tuesday, mostly just returning home - with a layover in Amsterdam
    • But the longer flight was much worth it - in my opinion - as flying KLM meant that we got fed! Even on the 1 hour flight from AMS-BHX πŸ™€
  • I can't remember why I didn't book off the Wednesday off work, but Anna was off and had a fairly chilled day
    • Morph was very happy to be home
    • Then Anna's parents dropped back Cookie and came for lunch which was nice and good to hear how she's been
    • I'd ended up having a mostly slow start to the short week, and had a number of 1-1s with the team (that I'd booked in on purpose for my first day back) which was nice
  • At work, dependency-management-data is picking up, after getting the web app up and running before I left for holiday
    • My new team has been able to use it for a few things this week, which has been very exciting
  • Kate Middleton announced she has cancer, hopefully putting rumours largely to rest, and may have at least been a little of an answer as to why the PR has been awful over the last few months
  • Although it'd been nice to be away, it was very nice to have Morph and Cookie back πŸ₯°
    • Cookie's been so cute and sleepy πŸ₯° And is as cuddly as ever
    • Morph's been rather meow meow, and has been liking the weather being better, including being out on his spot on the slate pit in the garden
  • Been rather busy since being back at work - haven't managed to catch up on all the meetings I missed as there's been a lot going on in the now
  • Been some very good music on my Discover Weekly and Release Radar on Spotify
    • In particular, Oxygen by Fred V & Grafix which is funny I've never heard it before considering I've heard + liked basically every other song of the album (of the same title) in my saved songs in Spotify
  • Did some more work on what may be required to make DMD a cloud product / commercialised, with a mind-mapping tool, NiceMind, on the tablet which was also really great because it helped me solidify my thoughts around what competitive and value-add features the product could fulfill
    • Which follows on from work last week
  • Fixed my @-mentions on the Fediverse, which wasn't quite fixed from the last attempt I made - which took a chunk of my Tuesday evening, once we'd got home
  • Finally got some Easter eggs, after being very restrained
  • Had a weird bug in Spotify where every song was the same James Blunt song (not that I'm complaining) but a restart fixed it though
  • Finally got around to an issue from 4 years ago! https://www.jvt.me/mf2/2024/03/pnftp/
  • Wrote a script for work, tz, which allows me to see the different timezones my team are in so scheduling meetings / discussing things is a little easier
  • Pizza night didn't go quite as well as hoped, as Asda didn't have all the toppings - before we went on holiday they'd mentioned they were discontinuing some of the toppings, but then also didn't have some of the normal toppings too 😩
  • After lots of walking while on holiday, and the chairs in restaurants not having any nice back support, it's been very nice being back in my Aeron and crocs, I've not worn any other shoes all week 😹
  • On Saturday we had some lovely sun, followed by hail. Very normal weather indeed 😬
  • Played around with Observable and DMD to see what it was like, and quite liked it, although DMD's (example) DB ended up being larger than 50MB so made it a little bit more work to get it up and running, including some weirdness where a database with no entries ended up being ~45MB
  • Lots of triaging of feature requests and other thoughts I've had over the holiday
  • Discovered Feedle this week, as I've been getting some traffic from people searching for posts - seems cool!


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