Week Notes 24#10

  • My first week of work with my new team, which was very nice!
    • Been enjoying the more frequent team catch-ups although I've not been able to make it to the catch-up with my team in Australia (the call's at 0700 UK time) but planning to make at least one a week when I'm back from holiday
    • Had some good opportunities to upskill and discuss with the team different things we now own, and been nice to chat about some different things
  • Excited to be doing a livestream with Dan Lorenc in the coming weeks πŸ‘€
  • Also excited to be doing a LeadDev webinar in April, too - more details to appear soon
  • Had some very weird issues with my work laptop not allowing me to connect to Docker containers or my desktop (over SSH), and it turns out that I'd broken my /etc/hosts file last week while I was in Prague, very subtly πŸ™ƒ
  • Met with Ian from GitHub about dependency health, and their usage of dependency-management-data πŸ€“πŸ‘€
    • Very cool to have a very big company using it, and hoping to improve it as part of ??
  • Took Morph to the vets, solo for the first time, which had mixed success
    • He did not enjoy being put (with several attempts) in his crate
    • But he was a good boy for the visit
  • Cookie had some significantly unexpected and funny zoomies on Saturday
  • Had a good catch up with Gareth
  • A good week of dependency-management-data at work:
    • Had a good chat with Fadi about DMD and some other work we want to do
    • With some infrastructure inherited as part of the new team, I've now been able to get dmd-web deployed - with a "useful queries" Confluence page to make it easier to
    • Took about 3 days to update the org's dependencies due to the incredibly slow internet we've been having recently 😬
  • Had a social Thursday:
    • Had a lovely lunch with Neeshu at Kayal, and was nice to catch up after a while
    • Had some nice cocktails at Pogo with Carol and Kingy and some good chats
  • And prepping for our trip to Italy for my 30th birthday
    • There won't be Week Notes posted next week, I'll do them when I'm home!
    • After deciding "no laptops", this weekend we (somewhat) impulsively purchased a Pixel Tablet as a loophole 😹 We've been talking about it for a bit, so as late as possible seemed like the perfect decision
    • a 0715 flight tomorrow is gonna be tough though 😬
  • Job titles are bullshit had a bit more traffic this week as it was on Changelog News
  • Very creeped out and frustrated by getting a call from someone who found my data via Apollo.io on my personal phone number. Not happy that there are companies out there selling that data, as well as companies then using that data (possibly not knowing it's not necessarily my work number)


  • The Good Witch
  • Modern Family
  • Saturday Night Live (on YouTube)
  • Rick and Morty

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