Week Notes 24#08

  • My episode of Changelog and Friends has had positive feedback, and I've had some good discussion on Changelog Slack with some nice comments from folks!
    • I've also really enjoyed having a few folks reach out on various Slacks that I'm on to say "hey, I just listened to your episode and enjoyed it" πŸ₯°
    • There's been some good numbers for the episode, which has also been good to see that there are people listening, alongside the hits on my website and DMD, as well as new followers on the Fediverse
  • The discussion around Linkerd looking to monetise their binaries has been interesting this week, and there's been some good discussion about sustainability and how it could be better done
  • Made a start on getting Scorecard support for GitLab before hitting a couple of issues - but hoping to carry on with it at some point and be able to scan my own repos!
  • New team changes are confirmed and I'm excited to meet them all this coming week in Prague, as well as the current team
  • Spoke at TechFast which was good, although the weather wasn't great so I couldn't blame folks who would have preferred to join remotely
    • Was nice to catch up with Mike, especially with his work triggering one of the avenues that led to dependency-management-data
    • Had some good discussions off the back of it, and hopefully some interested folks!
  • Dropped Anna off at work - which was very nice to be able to do so - during some awful weather and got a chance to see what rush hour traffic is like πŸ˜…
  • Had a good chat with Sebastian about his use of dependency-management-data (πŸ‘) and some improvements we could make to improve renovate-graph too
  • Added support to report funding in dependency-management-data, allowing you to find which of your dependencies are looking for financial support
  • dependency-management-data can now also parse multi-line Renovate debug logs
  • My desktop's encrypted /home has stopped mounting itself properly in the last couple of days - lil bit annoying, but it doesn't cause too much of a pain as all I need to do is log in and then re-run mount ...
  • An interesting OpenUK meetup around Open Source communities
  • Drove us out for a lovely steak at Miller and Carter πŸ₯©πŸ₯ƒ
  • The stretch of road next to Forest Rec is now a 20mph which is reasonable, but I'm finding super tough to stay at 20 in the various 20 zones we have
  • Morph's been in the living room a bit more this week
  • Cookie's been getting very annoying in the evenings, but we think putting her lead on is the trick to calming her down
  • Decided to not submit to GopherCon
  • Had a nice catch up with Ed around dependency-management-data, software supply chain, Bloomberg, and more!
  • Had my first solo Cookie walk today - while Anna was at a spa day (very jealous) - and it went well, and she didn't run away from me and get lost forever πŸ˜…
  • Booked the trip to Italy for my 30th ☺️
  • Had a nice catch up with Gareth
  • Despite being a self declared Luddite, I decided to give AI a chance, so I could get some interesting insights out of dependency-management-data
    • Been having a bit of an awkward time getting the data I want out of it, but I'm sure I just need to try a bit more with the "prompt engineering" of it all
    • Gone for a local-first approach of using ollama, so I can make sure I'm not relying on anything external, as well as giving me full control over any usage of the data
    • Found that Vanna is pretty good, and I especially like the way you can pre-train the model, but I've had some mixed success with quality of results - accidentally using the ChatGPT 3.5 model ended up on some particularly good queries, but the ollama-driven queries hasn't been great


  • The Good Witch
  • The Accountant
  • Rick and Morty
  • Decline and Fall
  • Modern Family

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