Week Notes 24#07

A week in the public eye:

  • Firstly, the Fedi-drama of Ryan's BlueSky bridge with Bridgy - some very good points, some personal attacks and my own (and many others') access to the Fediverse is now lost
    • It's given me a chance to start rethinking how I engage with things and how consent should work
    • But it does mean that if you're reading this and follow me through the Fediverse, maybe check you can still see my most recent posts πŸ˜…
    • It's been fun trying to work out which servers are now blocking my account, as well as catching up on the conversation across various instances
  • My State of Open Con talk is now live
  • I was on Changelog and Friends and wrote up a little bit about it!
    • It was a really great experience, and although I've not yet finished listening to it - it's very weird listening to yourself πŸ˜… - it seemed like I didn't make a fool of myself!
    • Although only a small section of the recording may be videos, I spent some time cleaning up my background to make it just right, and even popped my old XPS - with an excellent covering of stickers - into my Kallax so it's in view
    • Before posting about my appearance on the podcast, I spent some time writing about why you should listen to The Changelog as I felt it was the right time to finally get around to writing it
    • I've been getting a lot of views on my website and DMD, which has been good, and hopefully will get some more folks interested in and using the project
    • There's also been some good discussion on Slack, and looking forward to hearing what others think soon
    • Tried to see if my old phones had any other podcast listening history, but unfortunately no data there I could use
    • I've not yet gotten around to watching Memento but hopefully next week πŸ‘€


  • Although the new season of Apex Legends has come out, and I'd been planning on getting back into playing it, but days of having the download going and then restarting itself, I've instead just stuck with TitanFall 2
  • Had a nice catch-up with Dom
  • We've had some nice - but muddy! - walks this weekend at Mill Lakes and Colwick with Carol and Juno
  • A shut-it-down day on Friday πŸ₯±
    • And unfortunately came with the news that we're no longer going to be getting them going forwards. It's been so nice having a day off a month to look after myself, and although it was originally introduced during COVID, it's been such a nice perk and been very nice for giving me a day to focus on self care, like a monthly massage. Disappointed that we'll only have a few more for the rest of this calendar year, and then it's gone!
    • Had a nice massage to end the day
    • Went to Netherfield M&S to pick up a Valentine's meal but turns out they only sold it until Valentine's not all week πŸ˜… Had nice a Indian meal from there, though
    • Didn't get around to any of the oapi-codegen work I'd hoped to, but glad to have had a chilled day
  • Enjoyed watching Tycho playing live as I've never seen him and the gang play
  • Been putting together plans for a trip to Italy for my 30th
  • Cookie's been rather bark-y this week, in evenings, while we're eating, when we're trying to get to sleep and when we're sitting down for lunch 😬
  • Even though Cookie had a big walk on Friday, she ended up having some super zoomies in the afternoon which was very funny
  • Made the sweet-and-spicy Korean sauce from a few months ago's deep fried KFC and it worked very nicely with Asda's own brand chicken dippers - a much safer way of preparing it, too
  • Made some progress on a lil' bit of my life admin this morning
  • Made some progress at work towards a proposal for an internal Open Source Dashboard, taking inspiration from Microsoft's (that was mentioned on CHAOSScast) - hoping to tweak it further this week, and then propose it for implementation while we're in Prague for the Engineering All Hands
  • Excited about an upcoming re-org in Engineering Productivity which hopefully will give some good opportunities for growth and getting more stuck into things
  • Spent some time this week cleaning up source-tracked golangci-lints across our repos, to speed up builds + do the needed cleanup
  • Had some good chats following Mat's blog post about building Go HTTP services
  • Been having some good chats with Ashley from GitHub about dependency-management-data, dependabot-graph, and measures to understand dependencies better, as well as hearing about the interesting stuff that GitHub's OSPO are doing

Also hello to all my new followers and readers πŸ‘‹


  • The Bear
    • Finished Season 2 - very good, and thankfully not so long to wait
  • The Good Witch
  • Mockingjay (Part 2)
  • The Marvels
  • Marvel's What If?

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