Week Notes 24#05

  • Had a nice catch up with Tulio, Tushar, Danillo, Lewis, and Steve over a drink
    • Was nice to catch up with Steve after a couple of years!
  • Taught Cookie to eat biccies out of my jumper pocket, which was cute and she enjoyed
  • We've enjoyed the first week of the new car
    • I've taken it out a few times for shopping trips and to see how it drives
    • Had a bit of a stress when an ambulance wanted to get past
    • Had fun at Asda on my own - picked up a few things for me, pizza for dinner, and just enjoying being able to go to the shops myself but not worry about how much stuff I can carry home (as I would do with Lidl)
    • Did my first car wash (which took a fair bit of waiting)
  • Fixed two issues with bold this week:
    • Firstly, an issue with bold fonts on dependency-management-data, which turns out to be due to CDN Fonts not having the files for bold πŸ˜…
    • And wondering if the same issue happened for me locally in Neovim, it turns out that srcery's (Neo)Vim theme didn't support bold, but turns out it hadn't been implemented (yet)
  • Been enjoying playing Frontier Defence on TitanFall 2, this week playing different titans - been very different replacing my maxed-out Monarch with a Scorch, but it's been fun, even if I do miss energy thief
  • Getting a bit of FOSDEM FOMO
  • Planned my Sunday around Emily Omeir's talk at FOSDEM: Project websites that don't suck only to forget the fun of timezones, and that FOSDEM was an hour ahead of the UK, so I ended up missing it πŸ˜… Thankfully her slides are great and give me some pointers to improve dependency-management-data
  • Cookie was good over the weekend while Anna's been away, even though she didn't want to go for a walk yesterday, but we had a lovely walk in Forest Rec today πŸ₯°
  • Cookie woke me up from such a lovely dream in which I wasn't tired or busy, only to be woken to being very tired πŸ₯±
  • LinkedIn's app messed up loads late in the week, with the notifications button not working and the ordering of buttons all being wrong
  • Morph is snorphying away as I finish these off πŸ₯°

In dependency-management-data:

  • Celebrating the project's first birthday
  • Improved how Renovate dependencies are converted to pURLs
  • Added the import bulk command to improve importing SBOMs
  • Tweaked the way that reports worked in dmd-web
  • Added some more case studies
  • Got some good usage out of dependency health data and proving the value in the extra metadata
  • Working on my slides for State of Open Con next week - there's a fair bit of improved and new content πŸ‘€ and I'm very excited to share it
    • (It's been taking a good chunk of my mental space this week)
  • Saw Carol this afternoon to get a custom t-shirt for dependency-management-data that I'm also excited to show off πŸ‘€ Looks super cool, and absolutely like I work at a company selling it 😹
  • Nice to chat with Keith over DMD Slack about a few things
  • Caught up with Mark on his usage of DMD which was interesting, and gave me some good food for thought, too


  • Virgin River
  • SNL (on YouTube)
  • The Bear
    • As good as everyone said it was - and just finished Season 1
  • Sausage Party
  • The Other Woman
  • Just Married
  • The Good Witch
  • Your Place or Mine
  • Love at First Sight

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