Week Notes 24#04

A busy week, and trying to make my way through my dependency-management-data talk ahead of State of Open Con in a couple of weeks, but finding it hard to get into "writing mode":

  • Did a talk at Elastic's Go lightning talks on oapi-codegen alongside Ashutosh, talking about the library, how and why it's used, and the recent work to make nullable types work in Go
  • In very exciting news, I've been invited to speak on Changelog and Friends, which is an honour, and I'm really looking forward to, which plans to be out 16th February πŸ‘€
  • Had a couple of nights on my own while Anna was away for work
    • Didn't take Cookie for any proper walks - even though I could now drive her - largely because I've been thinking "new car fix everything" and I've had a bit of a mental block with it
  • Looks like Trello had a breach, thanks to a notification from HIBP
  • Had a bit of downtime on a few of my services on Fly, but appreciated their guide to easily migrate my Micropub service to another Fly machine
  • Attended the Remote Lunch CoffeeOps which was good, with some good discussions, and a little planted discussion from me about keeping on top of dependency updates to see how folks keep on top of things
  • Made a start on converting my site's theme over to Srcery, but found it quite hard to unpick some of the ways my current theme works, but hopefully I'll get to it
  • Got an official "no" from the CFP for FOSS Backstage - after being on the waitlist - which is good because literally the day before I was considering getting in touch to ask when the latest I may hear back is!
  • Seen more hits to the dependency-management-data site from Devoxx, so very πŸ‘€ waiting for the news
  • Had a good team meeting on Wednesday talking about ways of working, agile processes, how we wanna get stuff done, and a bit around the future
  • Picked up Anna from town on Wednesday after she'd been away with work, which was nice, despite a wrong turn and getting a bit mixed up trying to get to the station in a different route than planned
  • Joined Anna for the park on Friday to get a chance to experience the full morning walk experience - especially as I didn't feel confident taking her while Anna was away - and Cookie had a great time with her friends
  • Got the new car πŸ‘
    • It's very nice and I've been feeling super confident in it, but it is a lil' bit bigger and a different size on the road
    • A bit gutted that we have keyless start, but not keyless entry
    • Both of us had a nice bit of a drive around
  • Bit of a busy brain this week, finding it hard to put my mind to my talk prep
  • Had a nice weekend with Cat, Bernard and Darcie - Cookie was very well behaved, enjoyed playing a bit, and chilling
    • Tried the prawn marie rose + avocado brunch at Homemade, which was nice πŸ˜‹
  • Tried the creme egg "pots of joy" which were alright, but not quite creme egg-y

In oapi-codegen:

  • Got around to finishing my first paid bugfix πŸ‘ - a fairly gnarly external references bug
  • Shipped v2.1.0, including a fair few contributor changes
    • Definitely helped by some great music (via the Miss a Moment song radio, which annoyingly has changed a couple of times since I started listening to it, but still some great songs) to help my focus

In dependency-management-data:

  • Signed off the dependency-management-data logo, which is great πŸ™Œ
  • Spent a very generous chunk of Friday on adding support for insight into dependency health
  • Spent a bit of time on-and-off working on improving performance of policies - got from ~90s to ~47s on Elastic's dataset, which was pretty cool!
  • Added support to Chroma to handle Rego syntax so the Open Policy Agent (OPA) examples on the docs site, and my own website, shows up in Hugo πŸ‘ Just need to wait for the next Chroma release, then I can get it into the next Hugo release
  • Had some good chats with a couple of folks about their dependency-management-data usage
  • Been seeing a bit more traffic to renovate-to-sbom


  • Virgin River
  • Game Changers (on YouTube)

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