Week Notes 24#03

  • The other night, the Star Trek Aegean class starship popped into my head. Then a couple of days later it shows up in my Google News feed πŸ‘€ Are they in my thoughts, now?
  • Google have also been advertising Shake Shack (in London) to me, which is absolutely something I want (and love) but not ideal given I'm not in London for work any more 🫣
  • The last couple of weeks we've had foxes coming in and out of the garden, to which Cookie's been very disturbed in the night, which also means so have we πŸ˜…
    • But finally getting to the point we're having a full night's sleep, which is much needed
  • Bit of a social week, had a nice catch up with Gareth, Tony and Berni
  • Shut it Down Day on Friday which was nice, so I had a massage, did some Open Source, and chilled
  • Had both Cookie and Morph in the living room a few days, including both of them on our laps
  • Got round to looking at how to use Renovate's SBOM data to augment GitHub's Dependency Graph, which involved working around GitHub's fairly restrictive validation
  • Made some progress on the private oapi-codegen bug, but not quite there yet
  • Had Miss a Moment and Spotify's song radio on a loop for a fair bit of the week
  • Spent yesterday looking at new cars, and we've got a deposit down for a VW Golf that's veeery snazzy and we're super excited πŸš€
    • It still needs a few things doing before we can pick it up next week, but very exciting πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
    • Cookie did well on her own for over 3 hours, and has spent today very sleepy - despite no walk till this evening - likely due to the trauma of being on her own
    • It's a nice upgrade from our Aygo, and it's got some nice bells and whistles, as well as giving us a bit more power and lot more room for Cookie
    • Was a fun test drive - albeit my chance to drive was a bit shorter than Anna's - and I felt very confident driving in it, especially as I'd not driven all week
  • After the grey bin didn't get collected last time, I forgot to put it out this week 😠 so now it's still full and we've got a garage full of stuff that isn't being picked up by the person we found through Task Rabbit
  • It's been a bit too cold for walking Cookie in the morning or evening, so we've had a couple of lunch-time walks - including one day that another dog stole Cookie's ball, but thankfully we managed to get it back πŸ˜…
  • Feeling a bit more positive at work after a few things this week in and out of work, and looking forward to meeting a load of folks in person in Prague at our Engineering All Hands in March
  • Was hoping to watch The Marvels but turns out it's not on Disney+, only to rent/buy on Amazon Prime/Apple
  • Cookie got to see Leo three times in the last few days, after not seeing him for ages, which was nice, but poor Leo 🫣
  • Had a nice dinner from Miss Korea

In dependency-management-data:

  • A big thing this week has been getting Slack notifications set up for DMD to improve visibility of breaking changes
  • Made a few breaking changes just to validate it all worked OK, which helped clean up some things I'd meant to for some time, including v0.71.0's release to rename advisories to custom_advisories and make the advisories table mirror how policy_violations work - which is a much better design
  • Started on my talk for State of Open Con, which has involved me fleshing out the Case Studies on the dependency-management-data website, which provides a bit more depth to some of the "what can I do with DMD?" questions
  • Started working on the OpenSSF Best Practices badge, but will still have some gaps for a lil' bit
  • At work, I've been putting some bits together to better visualise the pending changes from Renovate, as well as advisories-derived work, which I'll see if I can get pushed into a Case Study


  • Reacher
    • Sad it's over, but glad there's a confirmed third season coming
  • Virgin River
  • Beef
    • Finished it off this week, was a very good end
  • Key and Peele (on YouTube)
  • Saturday Night Live (on YouTube)
  • Game Changers (on YouTube)

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