Week Notes 24#02

  • I was reminded of the fun of the way the URLs work with my Week Notes when I noticed some 404s in the logs on Monday morning, as I needed to fix it
  • I passed my driving test πŸ‘πŸš—πŸ’¨
    • Was a first time pass - with 7 minors - after ~11 months of driving, mostly one 2 hour lesson a week, but since ~November, I've been doing two 2 hour lessons, and in the last few weeks I've really started feeling confident in my driving
    • Starting my test with two stalls (one because I'd forgotten to turn the engine on and one because I was rushing to recover the bad start) wasn't a great start 😹 There was a point half way through I thought I'd failed, but seems like the examiner didn't agree πŸŽ‰
    • And just before, we had the tyre pressure warning but it was because the car hadn't registered a tyre change earlier in the week
    • Was great to pass before my instructor retires next week πŸ™€
    • My lesson the day before wasn't super great driving but I'm thinking it was due to nerves
  • It's since been weird driving our car - going from my instructor's car, a VW Polo to our Toyota Aygo - which is the first time I've driven it
    • I'm not super happy with how I've been driving, especially my clutch control + handling hill starts and am especially finding it tough being in a car I'm not used to, as well as it being less powerful than what I'm used to driving, but I've got much better in just the few days of driving this weekend, and will get used to it, but it's been a bit of a downer to not feel as confident in my driving as I was on Tuesday!
    • I've been driving a bit this weekend, doing some practice around the block - with and without Anna - including practicing some hill starts (with some stalling 😹), then we went to Netherfield Halfords and then Asda for pizza πŸ₯°
  • Finally worked out how to unsubscribe from Educative.io's email list - after a few weeks of trying but getting told "this link isn't valid", and getting very frustratred - only to try it in Chrome, and it worked 😑
  • Really need to catch up on some blogging - got several blogumentation posts I've had from over the last few weeks, but have filled my time with DMD
  • Cookie's learned how to knock over the boot in front of the letterbox (to reduce cold air coming in) which was very funny watching her do it
  • Cookie's still being very excited by wildlife coming into the garden and it's meant a lot of interrupted sleep ... but towards the end of the week it's been much reduced
    • I've since found a use for my red wellies that "I'll return as they don't fit", but that was ~18 months ago πŸ’€ so at least I'm using them for going outside with Cookie, and they're not just gathering dust
    • Cookie also got free into next door's garden - very briefly - but we've since locked things down a little better
  • Had a nice breakfast at Homemade this morning with Anna and Carol, and left Cookie at home
    • Found that the Park and Ride at Forest Rec are super happy at enforcing their "you must not part here unless you use the tram" 😬
  • Had a nice catch up with Dom, and was cool seeing ImmerseVR for meeting presence
  • Caught Morph licking the outside of his bed on his tower, which we're hoping is him just being silly, but also wondering if he's getting a bit senile πŸ₯Ί
  • Morph's also continued washing my face a little, continuing our worries πŸ˜…
  • Got our phone cases - feels much more sturdy and nicely designed, and looks cool too - will drop a photo tomorrow πŸ‘€
  • Made some good progress with clearing out the garage - organising the vast quantities of cardboard and bits we need to chuck - ahead of getting someone from TaskRabbit to help with removals

In oapi-codegen:

  • My colleagues Ashutosh, Sebastien and I finalised our design for nullable types, including a blog post and a new library for it
  • This prompted some (mostly) good discussion on reddit, and was fun watching my analytics (~2200 views this week) and the increase in traffic the last few days, but also frustrating to have been downvoted for a few comments (and the post itself), seemingly for no reason 🀷🏼

In dependency-management-data:

  • The key release this week was making it possible to store repository metadata to allow adding some interesting views to the data for some uses we've got at work
  • I also introduced my first breaking change - so was a little apprehensive that the version was going to get bumped to v1.x, which I didn't want - but it all worked OK and did a minor bump to v0.x


  • Reacher
    • So good! But also sad it's over next week 😩
    • And finally realised that Emma looks kinda like Julie (AKA Bird Girl), which has been a half-realised thought while we've been watching it
  • Virgin River
  • Beef
    • Coming back to it to finish the last few episodes
  • Happy
    • Some of it is a tough watch, but very good
  • Key and Peele (on YouTube)
  • Saturday Night Live (on YouTube)
  • Modern Family
    • Picking it back up now we can watch the latest few seasons

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