Week Notes 23#51

Posting these late, as it was Christmas Eve, and a busy week following it.

  • A bit of a chilled end to the year at work, and thankfully quiet week of on-call too
  • Found that the traffic to my OIDC thumbprint blog post mentioned last week was due to a discussion on GitLab
  • Had a disappointing Five Guys, including trying a mix of Oreo + Reese's milkshake, which didn't really work
  • Got my rejections from the SBOM room at FOSDEM
  • With me having submitted my audio snippet into the Changelog State of the Log (late) last week, I ended up refreshing my feed all day on Wednesday until it appeared in the evening
  • Morph came into the living room for some cuddles, and even came back after leaving
  • Had some interesting folks reaching out about chatting about some projects in the new year πŸ‘€
  • On Friday afternoon, I was playing around with go-semantic-release for easier releasing of dependency-management-data, and ended up accidentally releasing v1 - despite wanting to stay on v0 for now
    • ... which was also stressful because I wasn't sure that I could un-publish v1, so may be stuck on the API that the project provides, which it definitely isn't ready to be called "stable"!
    • Got a couple of posts to write about the process, and that you thankfully can unpublish that v1 release
    • And because we would be leaving the next day for Xmas, it was extra worrying, in case folks using dependency-management-data would be starting to rely on it
  • Got chased by a rather horned up dog on the farm by my parents', which was a pretty scary thing given the dog was big, without a collar, we were sure how it would respond or if it may get aggressive, and it would not leave us alone nor could we get away from it. Thankfully the owner finally came after we managed to hold the dog back for a bit, but was very unapologetic, so we'll never be going to the farm with either dog πŸ˜…
  • Enjoyed having some Shanky's Whip, which was recommended as "Baileys, but without the cream"
  • A nice start to the Christmas weekend, nice to catch up with the family and Cookie was mostly OK, aside from Cookie not starting off with being happy with Cleo coming near Anna, but by the end of the weekend they were playing happily in the garden πŸ₯°


  • Friends
  • Reacher
  • Paradise PD
    • Realised I was already part way through series 3, after I was a few episodes in

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