Week Notes 23#48

  • Been very chilly this week, so been glad to have my thermals, and been enjoying wearing longjohns too
  • It was Giving Tuesday at work, so felt good to - finally get around - donate some money to Crisis and Framework
  • Realised I forgot to submit a talk to the Go devroom at FOSDEM πŸ˜… But I've got a couple of talks in for the SBOM devroom so 🀞🏼
  • But I did get my two submissions into the State of Open Con - and excited to start the process of reviewing all the talks this coming week!
  • Cookie's been poorly this week, following on from last Thursday's plastic eating
    • She worryingly was worse after the vets on Monday, very lethargic, unresponsive but luckily after a day or so she started coming back to normal
    • She absolutely hated some of the tablets she needed to have, and was very funny when she got a taste of them 😬 but also not great considering all the other excellent bits of food we'd tried to bribe her with
    • Definitely meaning I wouldn't make it to London for a dinner with Mend, which was a shame, but I was already pretty confident I wouldn't be able to make it
    • But we also didn't get to go to Jimmy Carr on Wednesday, from tickets we'd booked last Xmas, as it was a little bit of extra pressure on her even when she's at the best of her height, let alone when she was still very much recovering from being poorly
    • We knew it was bad when Morph was eating remnants of cheese out of a bowl on the kitchen floor, but she stayed on the sofa πŸ₯Ί
  • Finally got around to a PHP upgrade for my Matomo instance and ended up having ~30 mins of downtime, but wasn't too bad a process in the end
  • Had a great catch-up with Keith about work, what I've missed since I left 'roo, as well as chatting dependency-management-data, SBOMs, and the proposed GraphQL support to DMD
    • Ended up getting the GraphQL support restarted and hoping to finish it off over the next couple of weeks
  • Realised this will probably be the season of Apex Legends I don't complete the battle pass for (previously I've only had one season where I got to 105/110)
  • Started our Xmas decorating, got the tree and various decorations up πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸ€Ά as well as getting some new Ikea furniture, and starting on the assembly process
  • Spotify Wrapped landed, which had some good stuff in it - I'll post a short post about it tomorrow
  • Made some great sweet 'n' spicy Korean fried chicken (via) - not as good as Bimbimbap To-Go around Deliveroo's offices, but pretty good for me not having to leave the house πŸ˜‹
    • Was my first attempt at deep frying, and managed to go super well given I probably shouldn't have done it on a whim 😹
  • Yesterday evening had Morph on my lap and Cookie on the footstool, super chill, with the log burner going which was πŸ₯°

In dependency-management-data world:

  • After shipping the ability to use OPA, I immediately broke the contract 😹 The fun of a pre-1.x release, and knowing I probably didn't have any users yet
    • It's now much easier to write, and I've made it more resilient to implementation issues too
  • Also added the ability to get licensing information
  • Plus added the ability to store your own license data, i.e. via an SBOM's relevant fields, or just directly in the database
  • Added the dependenton report to make it easier to determine where a dependency is used by
  • Been toying around with writing a nicer editor for the OPA policies, but probably should prioritise one of the many other in-flight/soon-needed features


  • TitanFall2
    • Played some more good Frontier Defence


  • Friends
  • The Continental
  • The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1
  • Christmas With the Coopers
  • The Witcher
    • Got through 7/8 of the episodes this weekend, but didn't quite finish the latest season - bit behind as we don't want to lose Henry Cavill
    • Spent a bit of time during the episodes looking up names and events from the previous episodes πŸ˜…

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