Week Notes 23#46

  • The end of our holiday:
    • Was a bit of an odd last day, not really having too much time, and the bus to the airport being a little late, on top of the boarding passes not matching our names 😬
    • Sleeping on my somewhat sunburnt side was a little bit annoying πŸ˜… The sun caught me during the beach day much quicker than I expected
    • Sad to be over, but starting to plan what's next πŸ‘€
  • Started on fleshing out a "support me" page, taking strong inspiration from Emila Smith's "support me" page
  • Was nice to have Cookie back again, and she's mostly been very cute and cuddly
  • My How we reduced oapi-codegen's dependency overhead by ~84% post was featured in another Go newsletter πŸ‘
  • Nice coming back to work for only a three day week, with Friday being a shut-it-down day
    • Anna and I both had the day off, so we had a bit of a chilled one and then went over to DTR Customs to look at whether a fitted wardrobe situation would work well with the bedroom - will see what the quote's like, but having talked about it, we're probably looking at doing it more ourselves
  • Starting to bulk cook - we managed to finish off the Cook lunches, so though this may be a good way to handle lunches in the future
    • Spent some time looking for Gochujang, but fortunately found some despite starting to think about substitutions
    • Got "random checked" at the Smart Shop checkout, but unfortunately the staff member ended up doing something(?) that ended up us needing to have a "full" rescan, so then they ended up re-scanning everything in our bags, taking them out very unceremoniously, and being a bit concerned about the bananas and the pizzas
  • Been enjoying the 🍿 of watching the trainwreck that was OpenAI's board firing Sam Altman
  • Had a massage on Friday as I didn't get a chance to have one over the holiday
  • Been listening to All You Ever Wanted - Sub Focus Remix and LIFT YOU UP a lot
  • Had a nice breakfast with Morph one day
  • Was nice attending the first OWASP Dependency Track community meeting, and felt a little bit like the wind had come out of my sails with dependency-management-data, as there's a lot of overlap there πŸ€”
  • Been enjoying listening to the Nitroboost playlist as a source of some more high-energy songs
  • Had an OK dentist visit (thankfully!)
  • Finally trimmed the hundreds of tabs in my mobile Firefox down, finding quite a few things I wanted to do, a few things that the time had passed to action them, and a lot of duplicate tabs, or things that I was researching when mobile
  • Built snyk-export-sbom
  • Been starting on quite the backlog of podcasts over the last week or so, there've been some good ones!
  • The cellar was rather flooded before we went away, but has gone down quite a lot since then
  • Finally, posting these! I'd wondered about trying to get them done earlier in the week but didn't want to push myself or make it a demand. On our first full day back, I needed to get a CfP submission in for FOSS Backstage, and then later in the week it was a case of having chilled evenings
  • Had a nice breakfast at Yolk with Anna and Carol yesterday πŸ˜‹
  • Had a nice walk to Forest Rec with Anna this morning, for a bit of a walk with Cookie, and a mocha and an Amaretto hot chocolate β˜•


  • Apex Legends - only a couple of games to play around with the Three Strikes LTM which was fun
  • Titanfall2 - although unfortunately it lost my keybindings so I spent a few games mistakenly meleeing instead of throwing a grenade, etc
  • Super Mario Odyssey - I feel there's been a bit more replayability / still quite a lot to unlock, whereas Super Mario Wonder is a bit "done" now


  • Loki
    • What a finale πŸ†
  • Friends
  • The Continental
  • Life in Pieces
    • Sad it's ended, and cancelled before it could've resolved some of the plot points

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