Week Notes 23#45

Holiday 🏖

  • Was a warm few days in Gran Canaria and I got a good bit of a tan ☀

  • Very nice to have our first holiday away since pre-COVID, and especially our first proper time off from Cookie - as much as we love her, it's nice to be just us

  • Ended up getting both our names wrong on the boarding passes, turns out I forget Jamie isn't my (legal) name- which also is funny because I almost didn't get my house in my legal name 😅 Ended up causing a little bit of stress to an early start, but was OK in the end

  • Spoke to Morph through the camera just to check he was inside and safe

  • There were some - lil' bit scabby looking - cats begging for food around the hotel

  • Accidentally sunburnt my appendix scar on the first day, so spent the rest of the holiday with it covered 🫣 I felt it itching a bit on the first day, and then that evening noticed it was rather pink 😅

    • Also fun to have seen someone who looked like they had the same scar as me!
  • Got hit by Whammageddon (via an acoustic cover one night)

  • Was nice to have free access to soft drinks - with some rather strong cocktails

  • As we were checking in, we were invited to the "premium" check-in desk, when we realised that the deal we'd booked ended up getting us a tonne of extra benefits as a "premium" customer 😹 Was nice having a free, daily refreshed, minibar, access to almost all of the bar, and a few other bits

  • Tried a Rusty Nail cocktail for the first time - largely because of a bit of a loophole with being able to get Drambuie without spending any extra money on it 🤑 Was rather strong too, which was nice!

  • Had a fun evening playing pool, and then getting absolutely thrashed at Connect 4 😹 Was sad it was our last night

  • Had a bit of a panic thinking I'd left my phone charger at the airport, but it was in a different pocket than I'd expected

  • Holiday to be continued in next week's notes

  • After publishing reads to my site, I remembered that I still need to fix the support for picking up post details, and ended up needing to manually write the cites - via a lot of indirection to get a JSON file downloaded that I could then upload to GitLab, given I naturally didn't have all the setup on my phone to edit + push JSON content to my site

  • Enjoyed spending time reading fiction in the sun, listening to chilled music, getting a tan, and not much else ☺

  • Ended up packing a little bit lighter than expected, as well as bringing the wrong sized t-shirt 😅

  • Was a bit weird having turndown service, but nice to have a chocolate every night

  • Listened to my Chill playlist on the plane which was a great way to continue nudging my mood to a chill place, and it got a lot of listens through the week

  • Spent a day in front of the sea, which was nice, and a bit different to just chilling by the pool

    • There was an incredibly crabby pigeon who kept scaring others away from its spot 😅
  • Didn't swim at all, it was a super low energy chill holiday 💆🏼

  • Firefox Nightly on my phone has ended up crashing a lot - but not the app itself, but the whole Android System UI - and it's been reaaaallly pissing me off, setting me off more than I probably should be 😡 Especially while we're on holiday

  • Discovered that Amazon can much more easily send content i.e. PDFs to Kindles, which is much more convenient than previous needs to email attachments to magic email addresses

  • Rediscovered Receiver when opening up my Humble Bundle to prep some books for holiday, and played it a bit as it turns out they're still updating it, and it's got a nice Linux version. As well as realising there's a sequel out now

  • My How we reduced oapi-codegen's dependency overhead by ~84% post was featured in Golang Weekly 👏🏼

  • And had CramHacks feature my npm sbom post

  • Noticed that I've got quite a few followers on GitHub

  • Had some good chat on my post about SQL which was cool, including one via email!

  • After my driving lesson I properly lifted Cookie up in my arms and she was pretty OK with it 😄

  • Got my first sponsor on GitHub Sponsors - thanks 🎉

  • Managed to use Cookie's chucker to the goal posts at the park all the way from half way 👏🏼

  • While Cookie was out, Morph had a great time just chilling on the sofa - he just came in and plopped down in Anna's spot while we were upstairs packing 🥰

  • Got some new thermals, which were nice pre-holiday, and have made a lot of difference with layering

  • Had a painful time trying to get (last minute) travel insurance, with Aviva failing really awkwardly around Google Pay's 3DS, and then finally having completed it, found that although I'd specified my email address, you apparently only have "one account", so now my travel insurance locked behind my Capital One credentials, so maybe I need to switch jobs again just to get access 😹

  • Was a shame not to be at GitHub Universe - presenting about dependency-management-data - but with the very heavy AI/Copilot focus, I'm definitely glad to have missed it

  • Was a bit weird not writing, or publishing, these notes on time, but I was still taking my notes as usual


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