Week Notes 23#44

  • After the success with Morph coming into the living room, we set up a blanket and bit of privacy on the bar stools, and so he's spent most of the week there 😻 Bit of truffling by himself, and he's been really happy
  • Finalised the work required for dependency-management-data to integrate with ORT
  • Wrote a tool to convert Renovate data exports to SBOMs
  • Was nice to help Xe out with reverse-engineering an OpenAPI spec to generate some code
  • A frustrating launch week of the new Apex Legends season, with it taking a good couple of days to get the patch downloaded (more details) and then a lot of (maybe?) server issues that made it less fun
    • I ended up playing TitanFall 2, after ~18 hours of no update finishing, I think somewhere between the second and third full download of the ~50GB patch
    • I've ended up enjoying TitanFall 2 much more than Apex this week, so been spending most of my gaming time doing that
  • Got my fourth PR in for Hacktoberfest, updating an old PR to Wiremock, but it didn't get counted due to the label being misnamed, and the Hacktoberfest team didn't have any solution, so I'm very glad that it wasn't the only thing that stood in the way of me getting a limited edition t-shirt. It was good to get the PR merged, though, after the original was raised almost 2 years ago, and hopefully it helps long-term for Wiremock, too!
  • Luckily we avoided too many fireworks on Friday or last night, but tonight it's been quite noisy, so we've got Morph sleeping on the footstool while Cookie is cuddled up against me πŸ₯°
  • In Super Mario Wonder I managed to get to The Final Test Wonder Gauntlet this afternoon, after some very frustrating special worlds that too maaaaaaaaaany retries. Definitely hate the Way of the Goomba level
  • Had my first meeting with the Open Source Working Group which was good, I'm excited to get more stuck in, as well as naturally seeing how well dependency-management-data can fit with some of the visibility we'd like to get around Open Source
  • Joined the CHAOSS project's Augur chat to discuss how I can possibly use the data from Augur in dependency-management-data, and was good to chat
  • Slightly kidded myself with thinking I may be on the shortlist for OpenUK's awards so was frantically refreshing the Mastodon feed when the results were being announced, but maybe in the future 🀞🏼
  • Had someone Buy Me A Coffee which was nice
  • Not a fan of Gousto changing the format of the ingredients on the menus, it feels slower to unpack now
  • Also not enjoying Telegram having moved the Spoiler button and replaced it with Quote, so my muscle memory keeps mis-spoilering things 😠
  • Had a nice roast at Fothergills today πŸ˜‹
  • At the Go lightning talks at work I shared about reducing oapi-codegen's dependency tree and had some good discussions about different ways to manage dependency trees and sizes
  • As well as the v2 release, which was good to get shipped


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  • Kim's Convenience
  • Life in Pieces

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