Week Notes 23#43

  • Woke up on Monday not feeling particularly great after feeling it coming over the weekend, so took Monday as a sick day, and a chilled day definitely helped
    • This weekend I've been feeling under the weather again 🀧 Hoping that it'll be out of me in the next couple of days
  • Anna was away for a couple of days with work, so on Tuesday Cookie had a good day at daycare, and then was super sleepy in the evening, sleeping on the footstool most of the evening, which was nice as I was attending the OpenUK meetup, which was good. I've got some notes, but not yet gotten around to writing them up
  • Had a decadent lunch on Tuesday, with Morph on the sofa and playing Super Mario Wonder 🀩
  • Morph's been getting lots of time with us in the living room, and he's been really enjoying it, as have we πŸ₯° And Cookie's also been very good with him, aside from a couple of outbursts
    • I even played a little with him this afternoon with one of his mouseys
  • A couple of nights this week I've woken up to Cookie be cuddled up in my arm πŸ₯°
  • Phaeleh dropped a new album without me noticing, but very much enjoying the fact that Dreaming is on it, which is a song I've heard a few times on his YouTube mix but it was an Untitled song
  • We ordered a collection of Cook lunches which have been a nice alternative to planning lunches, and it's been fun cause now we have the fun of deciding what nice lunch we want to have. Luckily it all just fit in the freezer, as we'd not prepped it at all 🫣
  • With a bit of brain free since TechMids, I've gotten around to writing up a few smallish posts, including how we reduced oapi-codegen's dependency sprawl
    • ... which I'm looking forward to chatting about tomorrow at the Go Lightning Talks at work
  • Prepared oapi-codegen's last release ahead of this week's v2 bump
  • Had a nice afternoon with Carol and Juno at Pawsome Pasture hanging and getting a bit muddy πŸ˜…
    • Cookie enjoyed digging in the mud, running around, digging in the sandpit, and playing and chasing
    • She had a pretty muddy, but fun, time and still has a very cute muddy nose
  • Bought a Humble Bundle for some programming books, and have been inundated with many emails from them this week πŸ™„
  • Been playing around with Snyk this week, ahead of using it a bit more at work, and using the data with dependency-management-data
  • Tried Lidl's versions of Gu which was fine, but think I'd prefer the real thing if I'm buying
  • Officially joined the Open Source Working Group at work πŸŽ‰
  • Forgot to git push these last night πŸ˜…

In dependency-management-data:

  • Been seeing a lot of interest in the docs site this week πŸ‘€
  • Made some progress towards supporting OSS Review Toolkit
  • Following Lorna's talk at TechMids, I ended up looking into broken links on dependency-management-data's site, and found quite a few broken internal links which wasn't good πŸ™ˆ
  • Added support for tracking "sensitive packages" and avoiding lookups
  • Documented how to use πŸ‘† as well as how to get the repo bootstrapped
  • Upgraded renovate-graph to Renovate v37


  • Apex Legends
  • Super Maro Wonder
    • Finished story mode 🫣 Been playing a fair bit this week, but still feel like it was a shorter game than I was expecting - I've definitely still got a fair way till 100%, and there's several "special worlds" to go for, too


  • Loki
  • Kim's Convenience
  • The Crown
  • Life in Pieces
  • John Wick 4
  • Futurama

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