Week Notes 23#38

A busy week revolving around the very good DevOpsDays London πŸ‘πŸΌ

  • Spoke at the Go lightning talks at work about dependency-management-data, as a practice run for DevOpsDays London
    • Got some good interest, even finding some use cases in the past that it would've been very useful for flagging a few internal apps affected by the same bug
    • Set up the repo's infrastructure, and will see about getting it set up to be regularly updating
  • Made some big updates to my /elsewhere/ page, which I'm quite happy with, and were well timed before the conference
  • With DevOpsDays now out of the way, I need to start prepping for DDD East Midlands in two weeks - this time with a new talk I've never done 😱
  • Made my first contribution to GitLab, through the glab CLI
  • Had a couple of "decadent" lunches on the sofa while Cookie was at daycare, and then at Anna's parents, which was nice and meant we got to get through more of Only Murders in the Building
  • Was a great couple of days at DevOpsDays London
    • Had a nice time at the speaker dinner, got a chance to meet some of the other speakers and have some social time before the event started, especially as we didn't know as many folks going this year
    • Had some nice chats with various folks at the conference, including a couple of (ex-)Nottingham folks!
    • I've made a good start with my writeup, but it probably won't be ready till next week
    • My dependency-management-data talk went well, I felt like I rushed a couple of slides, but it seemed to come across well and my preview of the recording shows that it came across pretty well
    • Didn't make it to the afterparty on Thursday as the rain was awful on top of being tired, so caught up on Ahsoka
    • Some good talks and conversations across the couple of days
    • Got a very nice meowy welcome from Morph, who was very happy to see us and enjoyed having some cuddles with us
    • Had some nice tacos at Casa Pastor with Carol before we headed home on Friday
  • Cookie had a good few days at Anna's parents, but jumped into the canal and had to be rescued by Anna's dad πŸ˜…
  • She's been sleepy since she's gotten back, after a short walk around Woodthorpe, and then this morning we had a nice walk around Papplewick forest
  • Was a bit worried when we got back and I'd received an invoice from Dell for a monitor and turns out it was a very late invoice from August πŸ˜…
  • Finally uninstalled the reddit is fun app, as it's taking up space and making me sad!
  • I've dusted off my Oodie, as it's rather chilly right now πŸ₯Ά

In dependency-management-data world a big week of updates as well as my talk:

  • Had a good journey down to London, managing to add support for end-of-life checking to SBOMs for dependency-management-data in its entirety πŸ‘
  • Add support for filtering reports by platform/org/repo/owner
  • Broke the build with the v0.42.0 release πŸ˜… and learned some fun stuff about replaces
  • Added deps.dev license + CVE lookups for SBOMs
  • Added CVE information to Advisories reports
  • Added a report for discovered licenses
  • Added the ability to pick up on missing package data - for instance ecosystems that don't include the full dependency tree
  • Got some very good feedback from my talk, with someone interested in contributing, a couple of engineers from a company, another interested in playing with it and I missed someone who came to the Elastic stand looking to chat to me about it


  • Ahsoka
  • Schitt's Creek
  • Only Murders in the Building
    • Called part of the season 2 big reveal
    • We're unfortunately caught up now, with two episodes to go, and not enjoying having to wait πŸ˜…

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