Week Notes 23#37

  • Found that the painful feeling in my toe since Saturday was an infected ingrown toe, but luckily some rest for it and antibiotics have helped
  • Cookie was a bit poorly on Monday so we took her to the vets, during which she did not appreciate temperature taken 😬 but anti-sickness meds helped, even though she enjoyed hiding under the bed and feeling sorry for herself πŸ₯Ί
  • Lost my nice pair of sandals to Cookie chewing on the clips πŸ˜…
  • Been listening to Prada - cassΓΆ, RAYE, D-Block Europe on repeat a lot, and rediscovered Dawn Aura - il:lo Remix
  • Enjoyed my second Elastic Shut It Down Day and can definitely get used to having shorter weeks πŸ₯±
    • Did some Open Source, gaming, had a great massage and then picked up some new jeans and shorts
  • Went out for lunch on Saturday which was nice, trying Kokoro - which I'd walked past on the way to M&S the day before and was intrigued - and had some nice sushi and sweet chili chicken
    • Cookie was good when I got back, and welcomed me with her flamingo, including a "roo roo roo" πŸ₯Ί
  • Had a really nice day coworking with Carol in town on Wednesday
    • Went to Cartwheel for breakfast, EastWest for a coffee, laptop charge and chill in the booths, Blend for lunch and then listening in to some meetings at Carol's
    • Was a little different compared to last time, as I was at least working this time 😹
    • Nice to chat, work and chill
  • Been working on some good work this week at work, and prepping for a talk about dependency-management-data at tomorrow's Go lightning talks
  • (Actually) finalised my slides for DevOpsDays London this coming week
  • In dependency-management-data world:
    • Been working through Keith's GraphQL MRs, working to break down some of the changes into some prep MRs with the SQL changes on their own, which has had mixed success as there are some rather chonky queries and I've been trying to make it work with sqlc
    • Did some upgrades for sqlc - including working with upstream to fix some issues
    • Done some other tweaks, and have been prepping for adding End-of-Life Advisories for SBOMs
  • In oapi-codegen:
    • Shipped a new version of oapi-codegen to work with Go 1.21, without requiring changes in folks' go.mods
    • Migrated our middleware to separate repos, as a way to simplify tweaks to them outside of the main code generation, and to reduce dependencies where possible
      • Unfortunately did lead to shipping a bad release for one of the middlewares because I was trying hard to get it all complete before the end of the evening, but shouldn't have rushed that last one!
    • Spent some time playing with adding log/slog support to github.com/charmbracelet/log - which was a worthwhile endeavour learning how it works under the hood - before finding that it's already been mostly implemented, as is tradition 😹 so I just needed to make a couple of small tweaks to allow it to work with Go 1.21
  • Had a very dangerous trip to Lidl - as I was hungry - and bought rather a few items from the bakery πŸ˜‹
    • But also super disappointed when I bought a packet of what I thought were chocolate crepes, but they were not, they were just strawberry 😞
  • Had a nice couple of walks today - a long one around the River Trent in Burton Joyce, which was really nice - and then later joined Carol and Juno in a field for a bit of a chilled run around
    • On the plus side, Cookie's been so sleepy this evening πŸ₯°
  • While I'm writing these Cookie is dream barking away πŸ₯Ί
  • Cookie's been fairly annoying in the evenings this week, barking a fair bit, but not really indicating why 🫠
  • Had Morph in the living room for a little bit of one of our evenings which was nice, after some nice barking from Cookie


  • Parks and Recreation
    • Finished our rewatch, and the nice ending πŸ₯°
    • Was a bit disappointed that the "reunion special" was just a COVID Zoom thing, we thought it was something else
  • Cinema Sins (on YouTube)
  • Ahsoka
  • Schitt's Creek
  • Miss Congeniality
  • Only Murders in the Building
  • Bring It On
  • Loki
    • Finally watching the last two episodes which have been hanging over me on my mental to-do list of "we haven't finished watching this programme" since week 09 in March πŸ˜…

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