Week Notes 23#34

  • Done some good pieces on oapi-codegen this week - ahead of looking to do a release next week - including:
    • Getting most of the way through the migration to libopenapi, which wasn't nearly as complex as needed
    • Having some chats with Marcin about long-term state of the project and some of the things we've got planned
  • Passed my driving theory test (second attempt, after a couple of weeks ago) πŸ‘
    • Here I Am Alive blasting on the way home was perfect
    • Got a very nice welcome back from Cookie
  • Been reading my Bridgy Fed feed a lot more, although realising I need to get my full following list set up
  • Cookie may not have enjoyed me pretending to be a dog and playing with her biccie ball
  • Had a pretty bad night's sleep on Thursday with a house alarm going off nearby, and a power cut
  • Had a very nom bakewell tart from Naughty But Nice
  • Accidentally forgot to feed Cookie on Thursday morning 🫣 She was super chill despite that, but luckily remembered around 1100 so it could settle before her walk with Denise
  • Had a nice weekend at my parents'
    • Had some pretty awful rain as we left the house - on our way to Rushcliffe - as well as just after our walk and before we set off
    • Got to meet lil' Cleo πŸ₯° She's so cute, floppy and puppy-y, and she got in between my legs just like Cookie πŸ₯Ί
    • Was very nice to be able to get some time with her, with Mum and Dad taking Cookie and having a very chill time with her
  • Luckily Gousto survived sitting on the doorstep for a few hours this afternoon, and wasn't stolen
  • Got some very exciting news about some public speaking coming up, keep your eyes peeled πŸ‘€
  • After Morph was meowing at the window one day, I decided to prove his cat flap does work by giving him some biscuits and he sped through his cat flap πŸ˜…
  • Alexa for some reason has "300%" on our shopping list
  • Still not seeing Starling notifications on our joint account, of which we've realised that it looks like it's only when we're using Google Pay


  • Parks and Recreation
  • Daredevil
  • Cinema Sins (on YouTube)
  • Picard

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