Week Notes 23#32

  • Went into town on Monday to meet Carol to see her super snazzy new flat 🀩 and have a very nommy lunch at Blend - the Korean Fried Chicken grilled cheese was πŸ˜‹
  • Very appreciative of Simon Willison sharing dependency-management-data on his blog, and it's given a noticeable bump in hits on the site, and hopefully interest too 🀞
  • Excited to see my ex-colleague Keith starting work on the GraphQL API for dependency-management-data, and hoping to get it live in the next couple of weeks methinks!
  • Cat Snack Bar's International Cat Day event kept me extra busy this week, and I just managed to complete it before it ended, which was a bit touch-and-go and I was a bit annoyed that I almost didn't make it after being an update behind (that hadn't yet been applied) meant I lost access to the event for a good couple of levels
  • Had another good chat with Dom
  • Been looking at Open Collective and better funding my own work on Open Source as a long-term means to get paid for Open Source work
  • Ended up closing a load of windows on my desktop, hoping that there's nothing in there that's too important that I've saved for later πŸ˜…
  • Had a lovely weekend at Dave and Faye's
    • While packing the car to leave on the way, a kid was enjoying their time on the scooter down our road and Cookie did not appreciate it πŸ˜…
    • Had some great company, great food and was lovely to see their new house!
    • The lovely next-door neighbour had a field she was willing to let us walk Cookie in, and it was great to have an off-lead space, especially as there were rabbits and deer in it!! She got super tired out chasing them, trying to fit into the rabbit holes, and then the deer that wasn't able to jump free from the field, but luckily we managed to get Cookie to stop chasing πŸ˜…
    • Cookie was fairly good towards the end of the weekend, but each day we needed to get through a bit of not-so-great behaviour but she was getting much better, and was so much better with the kids than we would've expected
    • Cookie was very good on both journeys - sleeping almost the whole way, and not needing to go out for a wee until we gave her a chance to - and this evening she's been so sleepy and cute πŸ₯°
    • Anna's currently trying to sneakily clip Cookie's claws while she's trying to sleep πŸ˜…
  • Very excited for my first day tomorrow at Elastic πŸ™Œ It's been a good break and I've definitely been glad to have had some time to chill, do a little bit of side projects and life admin, but it's not been quite as productive as I could've been if I'd not been taking as much time to chill (mostly gaming, but also doing some listening to podcasts and doing stuff around the house) - but I'm super excited to start my next step in my career πŸ€“
  • Had The Answer is Nowhere (RE-AMP) - Puppet and if found playing in my head this week
  • Been remembering a lot of dreams this week
  • Morph's bell - that we put on him a few weeks back after the magpie incident - appears to have come off his collar, but unsure if by sabotage or accident, as we found while in the conservatory as Cookie found it and brought it over
  • Added support for EndOfLife.date to have Go 1.21 (+ deprecate Go 1.19)
  • Been getting a lot of UptimeRobot notifications, think it's due to the A records for jvt.me not matching the CloudFront distribution - I've updated it twice in the last couple of days 🀞 they stay stable for a bit
  • Failed my theory test - got dang close but not quite good enough on the hazards


  • Futurama
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Alice's Wonderland Bakery

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