Week Notes 23#31

  • Had a nice Monday co-working with Carol
    • Went to Cartwheel for breakfast, EastWest for a coffee, laptop charge and chill in the booths, and then Broadway for a late lunch
    • It's more fun coworking when you're not actually in a job πŸ˜„
  • Got round to picking up some oapi-codegen maintenance that I'd been meaning to for a while, but with the lead up to leaving Deliveroo and then doing my dependency-management-data talk, I didn't have a lot of bandwidth. Glad to have got to the point that we've resolved all the issues since the last release 🀞🏼
  • After implementing it at least two companies, I've started writing a clean room implementation for a tool to analyse pull request cycle time - it's not quite ready yet to share, but hopefully will be finished this week. Been nice building it again from the ground up, classicly with SQLite and Go
  • Popped to Ikea with Carol earlier in the week to look at some bits ahead of her move, and got some bits of the conservatory, and bench for the hall and for the spare room which are very nice
  • Helped Carol with moving day - albeit in the most minimal ways possible 😹 - and excited to see the new flat tomorrow
  • The CodeCov "open sourcing" this week by Sentry has been interesting for a mix of legal and ethical reasons - I'm personally a believer that we should protect the Open Source Definition (OSD), usage of Open Source, and that businesses absolutely should have the ability to get money for things, including Open Source, just that it was a poorly managed and marketed situation
  • Got my Pixel Buds Pro which have honestly been a bit of a game changer
    • Borrowed Anna's on Monday, as mine didn't arrive until later that day and was nice to be able to get some usage, and they were really handy for just popping them in for a little bit
    • Since getting them, I've been enjoying being able to just pop them in for a bit, it's much less tiring than the over-the-ear ones, and it's been quite nice being able to easily swap the noise cancellation
  • Made Ali Nazik with Gousto, which was alright, but considering it was a 40 minute meal and not particularly near what we get from Rakki Rakkas, but still nice if you didn't know that's what it was πŸ˜…
  • Had a nice weekend with Dave and Faye
    • Went to East Bridgeford's garden centre but was very busy so was a long wait for food
    • We ended up leaving Cookie a bit too long unfortunately, and she took a bit to calm down when we got back
    • Had a get together with Anna's family at Sherwood Pines, of which Cookie had a hard time with so much excitement, people, and inability to just run around enjoying the forest 😞 Felt like we asked a bit too much from her
    • Cookie's had quite a bit of time on her own this week, of which we may have done a little bit too much too quickly, but also she's generally been a bit troublesome, chasing Morph a lot
  • Went to Rakki Rakkas, which has just been refurbished, and it looks really great, and there had some excellent food πŸ˜‹
  • After a while of reddit is fun working, it's gone back to 403ing
  • Sad that I've only got a week left - especially as it looks like a busy week coming up - but also looking forward to starting at Elastic!
  • Had a really nice (three Zoom videos' long) catchup with Dom, the first time we've caught up in several years
  • Cookie has been so sleepy (and wanting to hinder the week notes writing process) and cuddly since we got home this afternoon, but she's not alone as we're very knackered too
  • Very excited by the Loki season 2 trailer πŸ‘€


  • Futurama
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Saturday Night Live (on YouTube)
  • Robot Chicken (on YouTube)
  • Picard
  • The Lincoln Lawyer

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