Week Notes 23#30

My first of three weeks off between Deliveroo and Elastic:

  • After a couple of very busy days prepping the talk (including finishing my slides not 10 minutes before I left for the event πŸ˜…πŸ™ˆ) which was a follow-on from being busy trying to get my "bucket list" of things done before I left Deliveroo, I was finally able to take a breath and relax a bit into this time off. Been chilling, not pushing myself to try and get anything much done, and doing bits of stuff around the house
  • Had a good talk at DevOpsNotts about dependency-management-data
    • Got some good questions and interest, and a good turnout
    • Was glad to get my corresponding blog posts out about it, too, as they're a good point-in-time view about what dependency-management-data is and a great reference for anyone interested in it
    • A couple of communities on Lemmy and some folks on Hacker News found it interesting, but it didn't quite go viral (it was a bit of a long read, tbh)
    • Raised a lot of features/bugs on dependency-management-data while I was writing the talk to cover some of the gaps I'd surfaced while writing about it
  • Cookie's been a bit under the weather this week - started with her getting a vets visit on Monday after feeling unwell over the weekend, and then later in the week she's been hiding under our bed wailing in great distress πŸ˜…
    • With Anna away for a night, we wanted to make sure that she was OK before Anna left, but it looks like it's probably that she's having a phantom pregnancy, and we're keeping an eye on her and trying to restrict her ability to nest
    • She's recently been gremlin settling, which we find super cute, but in retrospect may be due to her hormones
    • She's not really been eating many of her biscuits, unless Morph is near them, in which case she eats them 😹
    • Cookie slept nestled up against me all night πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯°
  • Hacked around with the Zoho Mail API, as I find that setting up email aliases is always so awkward, so it's pretty cool that I now have a few CLI commands I can issue to get a new alias added, much more easily, but it wasn't exactly the easiest process to get up and running πŸ˜…
  • Lost my eyemask so significantly it couldn't be found for a couple of days (despite searching all over the house) but it ended up being two pillowcases deep
  • Years of going to the Showcase have spoiled us, and the seats at the Cineworld in town pale in comparison, but it was still very fun watching Barbie, and thoroughly enjoyed it
    • Was very thankful to have a super cool new pink Elastic t-shirt to take out πŸ’…
    • Cookie didn't have a great time with us going out, and took a while to settle down after we got home, including requiring us cutting her pig's ear in half so she'd eat it instead of burying it behind a cushion
  • Had a lovely date night at Dino, with some good food and lovely company πŸ₯°
    • Didn't realise it was Notts Pride until we arrived in town to a lovely show of happy folks 🏳️
  • Although I was excited to try the Magnum Double Starchaser ice creams, I was very disappointed
  • Made a start on setting up AWS Lambda into endoflife.date
  • Lost ~12 hours of analytics this morning as Caddy needed restarting, woops!
  • Finally destroyed my Kubernetes cluster - after ~3 years of running it for my Java side projects - ahead of a pending patch being applied this coming week
    • As I was setting around to porting the final application from Kubernetes to Fly.io, I found that I'd already done it a couple of months ago, so have been spending ~$12/mo unnecessarily for a couple of months and should've just deleted it at the time


  • Secret Invasion
    • (πŸ₯±)
  • Futurama
  • Next in Fashion
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Saturday Night Live (on YouTube)
  • CinemaSins (on YouTube)
  • Robot Chicken (on YouTube)
  • Jack Ryan
  • Picard
  • Good Omens
  • Barbie

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