Week Notes 23#29

  • My final week at Deliveroo!
    • Managed to get the last features out for dependency-management-data that I'd wanted to do when I still had direct access to the internal database and the ability to handle breaking changes
    • Was still shipping features - this time, not to DMD, but to our Terraform runner - about a half hour before I needed to wipe my laptop before it was collected 😜
    • Had some really nice leaving messages from my team and colleagues across the business, which is always nice to hear - and also great to see the result of the impact I've had over the last ~15 months!
    • Been weird this weekend not having my work laptop around to do OSS between games of Apex Legends
  • Cookie joined us for my final team drinks, much to many of the call's excitement, and she was super cute and cuddly
  • Mixed feelings leaving, but with some changes happening at the company this week, also glad πŸ˜…
  • Cookie's been a bit poorly over the weekend
    • First sign was when she wasn't really wanting to eat her biscuits on Friday afternoon, but she ate her wet food for dinner OK
    • Then overnight, we were up a few times with her, and she vommed at one point with basically undigested wet food
    • She's been a bit up-and-down, but hoping she feels better by tomorrow
    • It did mean that Morph was able to come into the living room a little easier, as although Cookie's still a bit territorial, she's also less energetic
    • While she's been feeling off we've been making some cooked chicken breasts for her, and she's started associating the sound of tubs opening with her getting chicken 😹
  • Also had some other chances to have Morph in the living room this week which has been nice
  • Found Morph hiding under the shed during a particularly bad set of rain, but called to him and he came in
  • Had a bit too much thyme on a Gousto - including me pre-chopping it unnecessarily - which then meant it was a little difficult to eat, and I felt like I had some stuck in my throat for a day
  • Windows has reported that - the cause of many BSODs recently - is due to a memory hardware issue, which is frustrating, and also funny that I haven't seen any issues running on Linux, but fairly regularly hit it on Windows. Maybe the gaming I'm doing triggers the right conditions?
  • My mind's been pretty busy this week (not even actively, just felt "busy") focussing on Friday as my last day - and trying to get the things done I can do and handed over - followed by my brain now focussing on Tuesday's talk at DevOpsNotts, after which I can start to think about the rest of my time off
    • Not managed to make as much progress with the talk as I'd hoped given Cookie's been feeling unwell, but got a couple of free days before the talk, and I've previously done a run-through so have most of it written
  • Been nice to catch up with Rich for the first time in a while 😊
  • Making some progress with investigating SBOM support for dependency-management-data for Snyk and GitHub, with some help from the folks at Snyk
  • The internet has been particularly bad in the tail end of the week
  • Finished off my LeadDev writeup, and was appreciative of the LeadDev team re-sharing it, and some good feedback I've had!


  • Secret Invasion
  • Futurama
    • Including Jurassic Bark coming on while Cookie was ill πŸ₯Ί
  • The Lincoln Lawyer
  • Next in Fashion
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Saturday Night Live (on YouTube)
  • CinemaSins (on YouTube)
  • Jack Ryan


  • The Magician's Guild

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