Week Notes 23#28

My penultimate week at Deliveroo, with lots of handover and trying to get through the things I'd like to do before I'm offski

  • Got my first code contribution raised to Go
  • The gardeners have made a huge difference to the front and driveway, and it's amazing how nice the front looks now!
  • Cookie been a bit of a gremlin the last few days
  • Was nice to have Sarah to stay this weekend, and to see Carol and Juno this afternoon for a bit
  • Got the last talk written up for my LeadDev blog post, now just need to go through and edit it, hopefully tomorrow will be the day it's live 🀞
    • Managed to smash the rest of it done this afternoon with headphones on
  • Had some fun dealing with CloudFlare's SQL protection for GROUP BY (but not group by) queries
  • My new monitor arrived, which is subtly different in terms of the colours, which is a bit offputting and the buttons are slightly different layout, but it's still very nice
    • And in good "I'm 100% an adult" material, it turns out my old monitor does still work, it's just that the power cable no longer works πŸ˜… I wonder why Windows hasn't been able to cope with the monitor for many, many months, when Linux has been working up until now.
  • Been nerd sniped a little bit around Git merging the hard way at work, which may not be working (but may be) πŸ˜…
  • Had a bit of an awkward bug with IndiePass, but turns out it seems to be a known issue with the latest Firefox Nightly version
  • After The Answer is Nowhere popped up on my Release Radar, I've been re-listening to a lot of Puppet
  • Thanks to JP I'm now on Bluesky, but I've not started collating my follows - lemme know if you're over there!
  • Had a nice afternoon on the conservatory sofa with Morph while Cookie was out at daycare
  • DMD and Renovate helped with an incident this week, making it much easier to work out the effect of an issue with the version of a library in use, and then get them updated. I need to update my article about one-off Renovate runs cause I don't need the overhead I set up in that post
  • Tried the chicken satay skewers and prawn crackers from Jasmine Inn down the road, which weren't too bad, but not quite as good as Wandering Dragon
  • In dependency-management-data world
    • Created a -contrib repo
    • Shipped dmd-web at work, which has already had a load of benefit and got a lot more folks interested and able to try it out
    • Added functionality to allow adding banners/custom metadata to the web app
    • Started looking at what'd be needed to work with importing SBOMs, so I can start ingesting Snyk and GitHub data in a better way
    • Trying to do as much stuff as possible that may be handy while I've still got access to Deliveroo's data, as it's still better than my example data


  • Secret Invasion
  • Futurama
  • The Lincoln Lawyer
  • Next in Fashion
  • Parks and Recreation

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