Week Notes 23#26

The one with my announcement of leaving Deliveroo, LeadDev and Cookie's first weekend at my parents:

  • It's not official that I'm leaving Deliveroo with me having told the team on Monday - as with the time I told my team at Capital One, immediately before I was able to tell them, my heart was racing and I found it difficult to speak. Mixed feelings about leaving, and a few folks weren't surprised πŸ˜…
    • Been starting to put together some handover pieces - although I'd been subtly handing over for a bit - and glad that I've got a week off this coming week as a practice for "what happens when Jamie's not around"
    • Had some good chats with folks and been interesting seeing who else is offski
  • Morph caught a magpie - and before I could get out there to stop him - he had run off with it
    • When we got back from LeadDev, we found the carcass next to his cat flap in the conservatory, which luckily hadn't been too roasting, but was not what we wanted to deal with after a couple of busy days
    • Put a bell on Morph, which now is a bit of a trigger for Cookie, as she thinks that bell = toy, and has been chasing after Morph, thinking he's one of her toys, or playing with something
  • Morph turned 12!! Definitely showing that he's not slowing down with his magpie win, but he got some tuna as a nice birthday treat
  • Had a dinner with all our new air fryer food from Costco - the Korean Fried Chicken (KFC) was good, but not nearly as good as the places I've been in London 😞
  • Got a lot of traffic on my LinkedIn this week
  • Anna and I were off to Lead Dev - which was good!
    • Was nice to get my post for leaving Deliveroo out before we went out for dinner, so I could switch off
    • Had a nice night out on Monday - went for an espresso martini before dinner, then went to Blacklock for steak and cocktails πŸ₯©πŸΈ
    • Spoke to a lot of the sponsors and got some interesting stuff out of it, as well as some great swag
    • Won some swag at the O'Reilly - possibly because I'd memorised the key that the person in front of me won with, but still happy for myself
    • Saw Carol for dinner on Tuesday which was nice
    • Got to meet the wonderful Tanya Reilly for a signed copy of The Staff Engineer's Path for us, and one for Carol
    • Some interesting talks and good learnings
    • Managed to make some very good progress towards writing my writeup of the conference on the train back, and a bit in the days since, but still about half way, even though I'm trying to be less exhaustive πŸ˜…
    • Nice to meet one of my Deliveroo colleagues
    • Nice to meet one of my ex-colleagues from Capital One in one of the breaks and have a bit of a catch up
    • Nice to meet one of my ex-colleagues from Capital One on way to the train home, who I'd seen a few times recently but not had a chance to say hey
    • Had a nice dinner at The Betjeman Arms with my parents before the journey home
  • Got my Elastic new starter swag which is super comfy and cute!
  • When Cookie got back from Anna's parents she was very excited to see us and we got a nice welcome
  • Had a good meal from The Athenian with Anna's parents
  • Cookie had such a good nap when she was home, dream barking so loud I could hear it over my music πŸ₯°
  • Had a very good first weekend with Cookie at my parents
    • Was nervous / slightly dreading it going into it, but she's been so good, and it's a sign of just how much work we've done over the year and a bit we've had her, and we're very happy it's gone so well
    • Has been nice catching up, and answering lots of questions from Cat and Bernard about getting a puppy
    • Had a lot of good food this weekend πŸ˜‹
    • Had a nice birthday celebration with Dad
    • Had a lie-in this morning, as Cookie was happy coming back to bed and napping some more
    • Had a good walk in Stanmore
    • Was nice and chilled, but also good that Cookie's been very good, sleepy and cuddly
  • Sad to see reddit is fun officially dead - returning 429s whenever trying to load anything
  • Saw a cat on the way back from dropping Cat and Bernard home, and Cookie was very interested πŸ˜…
  • Very sore feet by the end of the week, after lots of walking with LeadDev
  • Had a dream about - as far as I can tell - Web Assembly and embedded runtimes πŸ˜…
  • Had a very frustrating few hours waiting for Apex Legends to download when I had prime opportunity to play
  • Excited for a week off, and a two night stay at Hoar Cross Hall πŸ₯°πŸ₯±πŸ˜΄


  • Halt and Catch Fire
  • Secret Invasion
  • Futurama
    • As our new chilled out option, and really enjoying it

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