Week Notes 23#24

After days of it almost coming, we finally had thunderstorms, which spooked both the little ones. Got worried when we realised that Morph was out, but he arrived not long later and Anna dried him off

  • My Firefox Nightly (my default browser on Mobile) had a bug that meant it constantly crashed. Got solved in just over a day, but one thing I tried to do to fix it was clear all my local data, which meant I've lost all my open tabs (far too many πŸ˜…) and my streaks on things like Wordle, but luckily I keep all my scores in a Telegram channel so I've not lost my data

  • Was really nice to have an in-person catch up with James and Aash at Canalhouse, catching up and reminiscing

  • Bought the "no ads" pack for Cat Snack Bar which was expensive, but given how much I've been playing it, it's good to contribute back, and the no ads life - but still getting all the benefits of watching ads - is good

  • Different - MRSA has been on replay a lot this week

  • Had a great first visit from the gardeners who've made such an impact in just a day

    • Cookie was at daycare which was definitely the right call, and she had a great time
    • Immediately after getting back she drank a gallon of water and then threw it all up πŸ˜…
    • Then went sniffing and had found a little bit of food that'd dropped - was amazing how quickly she was able to find it
  • The awful events in Nottingham this week have been a bit of a shadow

  • Got a nice bit of money back from HMRC as I'd been overpaying tax last year πŸ‘

  • After clearing up the bark spot from all the weeds last weekend, both Cookie and Morph have loved it πŸ₯°

  • Morph and I had fun sniffing around on the wall together, hunting for things, although at times he seemed to be nudging me out of the way, but also was very interested when I started sniffing places

  • Had Carol and Juno for dinner which was nice, and had a bit of a catch up over nachos πŸ˜‹

    • Cookie and Juno wanted to make it all about them though πŸ˜…
    • Was a good visit and the first time Juno's been in the house, and only the second time he's been round
    • I let Morph out so he could be away from the excited doggos playing, but he decided to come back, sit in a tree and effectively pull faces at them and wind them up πŸ˜…
  • Got tickets for James Acaster next year in Nottingham πŸ‘

In the dependency-management-data world:

  • Had a mentions of DMD on an issue on the Renovate issue tracker which was cool, and hopefully got some more folks interested in it.
  • Did a good internal talk about it - as a practice run for DevOpsNotts next month - which went well and got some more interest from folks
  • Some good feature improvements this week, setting the groundwork for some cool things
  • Learned about SQL CASE statements to be able to do conditional checks inside a query, instead of needing to do that once the data was filtered


  • Saturday Night Live (on YouTube)
  • Halt and Catch Fire
  • Girls5eva
  • Picard
  • TRON: Legacy
  • Parks and Recreation

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