Week Notes 23#23

  • Made some good progress with migrating over our joint account to Starling with virtual cards, but still got a few things left to do
  • Officially needed to switch to our own Netflix, but happy enough with it especially with the new transfer account flow that takes all your history and recommendations
  • Some really early mornings
    • Before the first one, Cookie was crunching her beef knuckle very loudly, with her back against my back, so very close and loud πŸ˜… but fortunately I managed to get to sleep OK
  • Did my first postmortem presentation at work which went well - although I zoomed through it - but glad to have had a good one as my first one before a more complex one in the next few weeks
  • Had the heating come on one day this week which was very surprising and still not quite sure why
  • Had some good chats about dependency-management-data (DMD) at work this week, getting more folks interested and involved and the rest of the Go team are now much more invested and we're looking at getting some more usage out of it
  • Which also feeds into me having officially joined the Go team now πŸ‘πŸΌ
  • Looking forward to doing a dry run of my DMD talk this coming week, and I've made some good progress with my slides this week
  • We tried the Passionfruit Martini Gus which were very good, but they had some popping candy on them, which Cookie was very surprised and excited by when she heard Anna's mouth popping
  • Decided on which of the Roka bags I'm keeping, and excited to wear them out soon
  • Been having a lot of overnight barking from Cookie this week which isn't great for our sleep
  • Morph made it upstairs earlier - to everyone's surprise - to which Cookie then decided chasing Morph all the way to the conservatory was the right idea 😞
  • One day before work I'd hoped to play some Apex Legends but the servers seemed to be down. It turned out later it was because I'd not got a patch, but it was very unclear, only getting "no servers available" errors
  • Been having lots of fun with Cookie by hiding from her and jumping out, she's really been enjoying it too and it's been very cute πŸ₯°
  • Got a talk to accepted to DDD East Midlands πŸ‘
  • Got our Asda pizza, but unfortunately they only had tomato not BBQ sauce, which definitely has a big impact
  • Cleared the massively overgrown bark area in the garden while catching up with Cat
  • Got an email from AWS - that I well investigated before trusting it, as it seemed suspicious - to say that my CloudWatch usage was approaching free tier usage limits, and fortunately I found a long-standing log line that could be removed to save me some data usage
  • Done some more work on integrating and using openapi-sorbet which has saved a number of things and made it much easier to integrate iwth services
  • Booked a lovely stay at Hoar Cross Hall spa for Anna's birthday πŸ₯° very excited for a few days off, being pampered and just chillaxing
  • Toasty end to the week!


  • Saturday Night Live (on YouTube)
  • Queer Eye
  • Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story
  • Halt and Catch Fire
  • Girls5eva
  • Picard
  • TRON: Legacy

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