Week Notes 23#22

  • Had a chilled Bank Holiday Monday
    • While Anna was out, I tried somewhere new for lunch - Locked n Loaded fries - which was good, and my first time eating wings in quite some time, but glad I got them and happy with a bit of an "out there" choice
  • Went to see Cory Doctorow at Waterstones
    • When we got home, I saw there was an incident - unrelated to my team, but that I was pretty sure I knew what the issue was - and managed to help fix it, which was pretty nice!
    • Cookie was mostly OK while we were out
    • Was a good evening, and super interesting but also depressing with some of the state of the world
  • My blog post for Letters to a New Developer went live, which I'm pretty happy with and am hoping it'll be helpful to others
  • Was very chuffed to have been offered a free ticket to go to Lead Dev London
    • Anna's been excited to attend and has had her ticket for a few months now. She's also luckily happy with me tagging along πŸ€“
    • Looking forward to getting back out to the conference circuit, and Lead Dev is meant to be such a high-calibre conference
  • Spent some time this week writing an OpenAPI code generator for Sorbet-typed coed
    • Played with both kin-openapi and then converted it to libopenapi which was good to see the differences and give me some confidence in being able to do the migration between the two for oapi-codegen
    • Was also quite nice to get back to the problem as last time I'd tried to solve it, I'd done it from JSON Schema, but for an incredibly similar approach, but with a slightly less complex set of schemas, as well as learning more about Sorbet
  • Got back into oapi-codegen world
    • Did some issue triaging and working out what low hanging fruit we wanted to merge before the next release, which we've now done - first in a while πŸ˜…
    • Looking ahead with Marcin
    • Playing around with libopenapi instead of kin-openapi, so we can start to support 3.1
  • Started the Cat Snack Bar event late - as I hadn't decided if I was going to pay money to resume my status from last time - and they gave me a free resume, which was nice and presumably because I joined it later than usual. Will have managed to finish this level by the end tomorrow
  • Cookie's been not super great this week - she's become a bit of a land shark in evenings, and for a large part of Wednesday was just barking non stop for hours at us. We're not sure why, or what could be the problem, having tried many things, but are so thankful that finally she settled down
  • Tried making a Nutella milkshake which was very sweet but good
  • Got our usual Asda pizzas which was so good πŸ˜‹
  • Had a really chilled weekend which has been nice
  • Had a nice trip into town on Saturday
    • Went to the Bag Company shop and decided a new backpack πŸ‘ As the colour I wanted wasn't available, I've ordered it online alongside a couple of other choices so looking forward to getting them
    • Went to Everyday People, which was super yummy
    • Cookie was very good while we were out
    • We came home to Morph in the conservatory - which we'd closed to sound-proof the house a bit better - and he was roasting but luckily seemed OK
  • Had a nice walk around Forest Rec this morning, and a chill in the conservatory this afternoon
  • Got a battery-powered compressed air gun, instead of using the cans, and it's made quick work of my dusty desktop inside, and my super gross keyboards
  • Starling joint accounts now support virtual cards, so we're slowly migrating to it for all of our joint expenses
  • My return to public speaking has had some good success this week:
    • My talk at DevOpsNotts - which we booked a few months ago - has just been announced and I'm really looking forward to it
    • Had it confirmed I'll be speaking at DDD East Midlands, more details to come soon πŸ‘€
    • Submitted a talk to GitHub Universe so 🀞 although I'm definitely already planning what would happen if I were to be selected for a free trip out
  • Bit worried about Morph, who's been off his food a bit, but wondering if it's maybe just because his food's got a bit stale
  • Got around to doing my first sort through of notes on Stashpad through to Trello and found some of my old Trello boards which was a blast from the past to read through
  • Shuffled around the location of my webcam to make it more stable, and it's been much better this week and way more stable, which is nice, as it used to be a lil' wobbly when I typed or laughed
  • During COVID I discovered I couldn't find my favourite suit (for Rich's wedding) and turned mine and my parent's houses upside down to try and find it to no avail. I even checked with the dry cleaners, who didn't have it, and just chalked it up to maybe having lost it somewhere. This week I got a text from the dry cleaners to say if I didn't collect it, they'd give it to charity. So at least I've now got it back, but very annoyed it's been there all this time and I was told it wasn't
  • Found it very weird this weekend with so few folks filling up the Apex Legends games, and having to wait quite some time for games
  • Accidentally left my eye mask in my pillowcase when the sheets got washed today, so hoping it still works OK 🀞


  • Working in Public: The Making and Maintenance of Open Source Software


  • Atypical
  • Saturday Night Live (on YouTube)
  • Next in Fashion
  • Queer Eye
  • Ted Lasso
    • A sad but very good end to the series
  • Bullet Train
  • Unstable
  • Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story

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