Week Notes 23#21

  • Was nice to see Emma and Carol on the way back from their Beyoncé trip and have a bit of a catch up
  • Been nice to have Anna home again, which Cookie agrees with 🥰
  • Cookie was very not OK with the window cleaners, but luckily they weren't too long
  • Had a couple of crashes/BSODs while playing Apex Legends which ended up resetting all my local data, so I've had to twice reset all my keybindings, which has been annoying
  • After some thinking over the weekend, I've decided to change up how I do my TODO list tracking
    • I've started using Stashpad - which I recently heard talked about on APIs You Won't Hate - as a dumping ground for thoughts, and then I'll "triage" it to the right place later.
    • I've not yet done any triaging, but any day now I should do 😅
    • Feeling it's nicer than needing to put things in the right place, as well as knowing that I've got a better plan for my TODO list
  • Had a somewhat good trip to Asda, although we didn't get our usual pizza options which was a shame
  • Yesterday we made the most of the weather and went through the wood shed, sorting out all of the wood we had left, working out what can't be burned in our log burner, and what needs chopping
    • Feeling a bit sore now, but glad we did it, and feels nice knowing exactly how much we've got left
  • Spent some time at work this week improving our Slack notifications for Terraform runs which has been fun, and nice to get some better visibility, off the back of a feature request I'd added a while back
  • My latest milkshake - giant Neo (off-brand Oreo) and Reese's - didn't end up working too well. Was quite sweet and didn't really taste like either, but still nice enough
  • Making some more progress on my DMD talk for DevOpsNotts, and maybe possibly a conference later this year 🤞
  • Had a nice walk around Forest Recreation with Cookie today


  • Atypical
  • Picard
  • Saturday Night Live (on YouTube)
  • Gunpowder Milkshake
  • Next in Fashion
  • Ted Lasso
    • Sad we've only got one episode left, it's been a great series

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