Week Notes 23#20

  • Turns out my body wasn't quite ready for a full week, so ended up taking Monday to rest up
  • Did some bits in the garden to try and get it a bit more manageable before the gardeners can come, mainly getting some strimming done so Cookie has a bit of room to go to the loo, and we can get to the compost bin
  • Nipped out at lunch to pick up some new strimmer wire, because about 15 minutes into strimming I lost the last blade I had πŸ˜…
  • I'd ordered some on Amazon but didn't bother with the "Monday by 1200" option as I didn't expect to be off, so was a bit annoying we had to get some before a stack of them arrived
  • And then later found a stack of them in the garage, just not the obvious places I'd looked
  • Having seen that Gousto this week had Thai-Style Peanut Chicken Thigh Baked Wraps, I was very excited to do them on Monday - having thought about it most of the day - and they were good πŸ˜‹ but I ended up making some of my own satay sauce to go on it, as there's never enough
  • Been enjoying my new Neovim setup
  • Got a bit of a brainworm with writing an article about checking Go binary types
  • Off the back of it got my first proposal raised with Go, and looking forward to seeing what the process is like, especially as it's one I'd be up for contributing
  • In the dependency-management-data world:
    • Noticed that DMD's release archives haven't been publishing for a while 😬 Was related to some changes I did to remove CGO setup, woops!
    • Now we've got all the pending updates Renovate can see for DMD, it's been super powerful for getting a view of what work we need to be doing in the coming months
    • Added support to DMD for AWS infrastructure - largely based on my previous work on aws-lambda-endoflife - to get more understanding about when deprecation/end-of-life timelines are coming for Lambda, ElastiCache and RDS which was good, and it's nice to have a handle SQLite data dump for them all
    • Making more progress on writing up my talk
  • Had a bit of an investigation into Wayland, but not sure it's quite ready for what I want to use
  • After a decade of using Podcast Addict, I've finally started paying for it
  • Had some fun (read: sarcasm) trying to get Sorbet up-to-date on some of our projects to run on the latest MacOS version, hitting many more issues than I wanted to, but managed to get it minimally updated, and more substantial upgrades (including Tapioca) may have to wait
  • Huge fan of James King's latest creation didyouknowjamiehasawebsite.co.uk - trolling me at work, despite no longer working here 😹 - and how on brand it is to have a website to say "I have a website" πŸ˜…
  • Mixed Reese's with (fake) Baileys, which didn't really work, and decided I was going to try making a milkshake properly πŸ‘€
  • Turns out making milkshakes are very easy, and made a very good Reese's milkshake and a not-quite-right Creme Egg milkshake, neither of which contained any milk so were a bit heavy πŸ˜‹
  • Shoutout at the Tech Huddle from Lee was nice πŸ˜„
  • Finally got around to finishing Star Trek: Deep Space 9, which was a very good and emotional end, and now sets me up to start watching Picard
  • Been listening to Gryffin & Elley DuhΓ© - Forever (Lizzy Jane Remix) a lot this week, and the song radio playlist from Spotify, and got a lot of good new songs to add to my library
  • A solo weekend without Anna - who went to see BeyoncΓ© in Scotland πŸ₯³
    • Aside from after Anna had left, Cookie's been a very good girl, very chill and napping around the house a lot, plopped outside in the sun
    • Had some nice lie-ins - after her 0700 "I need to go downstairs but not to the loo, I just want to go down for no reason" - and some late morning walks which has been nice
    • Been a nice chill time together
  • Had a fun game of Apex on World's Edge at Thermal Station where I dropped onto the top. After poking several of the teams below, the team that won all the fighting below tried to get me by using an evac balloon - however as soon as they started ascending, I jumped down and onto it too, flying away from them 😹 Very funny. They eventually caught me after several jump balloons and poking them, but was a fun chase
  • Got round to making the Nandos wrap mix from last week and dang, medium spice was much hotter than I remember πŸ˜…


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  • Star Trek: Deep Space 9
  • Beef
  • Community
  • Saturday Night Live (on YouTube)

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