Week Notes 23#17

A four day week, with Friday off for an extended four day weekend:

  • Was good to catch up on some of my messages from the last few months, in particular caught up with Tim, a friend in the Open Source community, which was nice
  • Accidentally found a hack for Heardle to listen to the full song without skipping ahead πŸ˜… with Heardle shutting down in a week or so, it's probably not worth reporting upstream
  • Voted on the talks I'd like to see at DDD East Midlands - was a bit of a tough one, but got it down to 10 from 39 πŸ˜…
  • Booked a talk with DevOpsNotts, which hopefully should be announced in the coming week 🀞 Excited to get back into speaking again
  • Been playing around with CSS with my CV - learning how dark mode works, as well as restructuring some of the CSS and the design. I've not yet finished the changes, but hopefully this week it'll look a lil' different and be more styles owned by me, rather than Moez' original design
  • The possible Amazon breach was pretty disruptive, but managed to rotate everything pretty quickly
  • Cookie's been rather frustrating this week 😬 Been a pretty tough week with her while Anna's been out, and with the cleaners on Friday
  • Been playing a lot of Cat Snack Bar, and this afternoon I managed to get to the second level in the event πŸ‘ first time I've done it, and got some good loot from it
  • Been fun getting back to Love is Blind, with season 3 that we didn't watch at the time
  • Spent the week trying to fight with some issues I've been seeing around Renovate running out of disk space, but unfortunately looks like it didn't seem to work
  • Managed to get my dailies finished for Apex Legends a week or so before the season ends which is good cause I thought I wouldn't be able to make it
  • Nice to have my parents here for most of the weekend:
    • Went to the Blue Diamonds garden centre in East Bridgeford
      • Popped to the pet shop first, and Cookie had such a great time sniffing, trying to steal chews and bits of animal off the shelves πŸ˜… Got her some new toys, lots of chews, and got our first dog mugs (from Sophie Allport) since becoming dog owners
      • The garden centre was absolutely huge, and some really nice stuff
      • Cookie was amazing and it was a testament to how far she's come over the last year
      • Had a nice chilled lunch - with a small chew for Cookie
      • Got some nommy brownies, a sausage roll and some Scotch Eggs, but could've bought one of everything in the farm shop because there was so much tasty looking food
    • Spent some time in the conservatory chilling in the sun, and watching Morph chirp at the birds, and chase a squirrel that happened to run into the garden, but fortunately didn't catch it
    • Re-made a Gousto from this week for us all
    • Got to stroke a very chonky black Cat while on a walk with Dad, which was cute
    • A very good Rakki Rakkas πŸ˜‹ Took Cookie with us - in the Tesla - which was a good first attempt and she seemed to find it an alright first trip, although wasn't pleased when I jumped out to pick up the food in the torrential rain πŸ˜“
    • Had a good walk at the park this morning, seeing Cookie's friends Henry and Theo for a good runaround, but unfortunately just missed Nellie. Saw a super gorgeous Corgi with long hair, and Cookie didn't completely lose it when she saw me stroking them
    • Cookie's been so sleepy since Mum and Dad left, sleeping off the excitement of yesterday's trip to the garden centre, in the Tesla, and today's park trip
  • Had some KFC from Miss Korea tonight which was good πŸ˜‹
  • Had some very cute times with Cookie, too


  • Loot
  • Love is Blind (season 3)
  • Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency


  • The Magician's Apprentice (got about 20 minutes left to read πŸ˜…)

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