Week Notes 23#16

A tiring week, but nice to see the team at the on-site.

  • Started integrating my net/http OpenAPI validation library with the newly released libopenapi-validator and found a few cases where we've got some tweaks to add to it before it's ready for prime time, but really glad to see it making progress and being able to start the integration
  • Managed to get our first Asda pizza (with our usual toppings) in ages - and first since the new oven - which was very good πŸ˜‹
    • And we think Morph enjoyed eating a spare onion that was left on the tray overnight πŸ˜…
  • Concerned that Morph now can jump over Cookie's crate into/out of the living room, so we now don't have a Morph free zone, and need to close the doors properly overnight / when we're not around 😬
  • Got my UK emergency alert test today at 1507
  • My mind's been pretty (hyper)focussed on setting up DMD to work with a sidecar from Renovate, to parse the debug logs instead of running renovate-graph
    • Got some good progress, fought some deployment issues and when I'd got pretty close realised it wouldn't actually work, as it'd be disableable by teams' configs, and we'd lose some data
    • May end up deploying another Renovate On Prem and using that, as then we'd get webhook-driven data, but it's probably alright as the current means
  • Both Anna and I had on-sites this week, so Cookie had a few nights away
  • Weird having a night alone at home without Cookie and Anna
  • Managed to get a (good) haircut before I went to ...
  • My on-site, which I helped organise
    • Felt super low energy, not helped by the fact I only got 5 hours sleep the night before going 😬πŸ₯±
    • Went fairly well, we kept very well to time and the schedule wasn't nearly as packed as usual, so folks had time for breakout and ad-hoc sessions, pairing and catchups
    • Was nice to see everyone
    • It was James King's final on-site, and it's gonna be a real shame losing him as a colleague, but definitely went out with a bang 🀩
    • Had a fun time at our social at Escale London playing "Witchcraft and Wizardry", finishing with a whopping 73 seconds left πŸ˜…
    • Had fun at karaoke after the social πŸŽ™
    • Got some Bibimbap ToGo and Shake Shack πŸ˜‹
    • Really nice to see the team and have some in-person catch up time after a pretty rough few months for everyone, although missed the folks who were absent
    • Had some good discussions around the ethics of using generative AI, especially with things like recent news stories about how GitHub Copilot emits GPL code
  • Missed Heardle on Thursday as I'd not gotten a chance to play it before we went out
  • Cookie had a haircut!
    • It was meant to just be a clean and groom, but she also got a haircut which we weren't expecting, and it's been really weird seeing her without her Triceratops tufts of hair, and she's got some new markings we've not seen before
    • She was a very good girl for the groomer, despite how wriggly she can be at times
  • She's been especially needy since coming back from her ninths away which has been good and also not πŸ˜…
  • Was cute that on the way back that she was so excited to go home that she wouldn't let us put her towel in the crate to make it extra comfy, then through the journey back showed she was annoyed at not being so comfy 😹
  • Took my Stimagz down to London for some fidgeting in a COVID test bag, which was the perfect size, and means there's one fewer bag we've kept lying around
  • Although I've decided not to get a Fjallraven Kanken, I ended up seeing lots along my travels, and being glad in my choice as they're much smaller than my bag is right now
  • Built a lightweight dmd-example CLI to make it easier to get the example data from GitLab, which is similar to something I've done at work, and hope that it's a useful utility
  • DDD East Midland's list of talks is up, and it's long. There's a lot of great stuff, and so far my shortlist of 35 talks is not particularly short πŸ˜… Hoping that at least one of my talks makes it through, but there's some tough competition!
  • Revamped my talks site on the train to London, making it a more substantial site, which feels better but still has work to do - feedback welcome!
  • When Anna came to start reading the same book I've been listening to, we realised that I'd been mistakenly listening to the prequel, not the first part of the first trilogy that I've read before - woops πŸ˜… At least it explains why none of it is familiar
  • Had a good brainstorm session with Tony for the Renovate file-sync manager, and putting steps towards us getting down to implementing it
  • Cookie is dream barking away as I put the finishing touches in these πŸ₯°
  • While Cookie was away it was nice to get some more Morph cuddles, but did very much miss her and it was nice to have her back, although a lie in on Saturday was nice

Songs very much on loop:


  • My Name is Earl
    • Finished! First time, and although I knew it was cancelled before it ended, it's nice to read how it should end
  • Ted Lasso
  • The Mandalorian
  • Ghosted
  • The Wrong Missy
  • Loot


  • The Magician's Apprentice

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