Week Notes 23#15

A well needed week off πŸ₯± Could do with some more time off, definitely don't feel like I'm rested enough, but alas πŸ₯± Definitely did rest and let myself recover a little after an emotionally taxing last few months (in particular with the risk of redundancies) so that was good

  • We started leaving the hallway-through-to-the-living-room door open for Morph to try and come round, but all it's led to is Cookie doing a few laps around the living room and hallway to let us know she needs to go out for the loo πŸ˜…
  • Made some good changes to DMD this week:
    • Added the ability to manage ownership information in bulk
    • Integrated with Google's deps.dev service
    • Planning for dealing with upstream recommendations
    • Made some internal tweaks to make it faster for db generateing against large data sets
    • Started work on being able to export SBOMs
    • Sorted out the issues backlog, adding appropriate labels and linking of issues
  • A lot of the week while Anna's been reading, I've been either reading, gaming, or coding, which has been nice and chill, and we've spent a good chunk of time in the conservatory which has been nice in the sunny weather
  • Discovered T E R A V I B E's excellent YouTube channel
  • Mopped up some leftover Easter Eggs πŸ˜‹
  • After many weeks of the mobile game Cat Snack Bar being advertised to me, I finally installed it, and have really enjoyed it, it's very cute, I feel has slightly better game mechanics, and as it's something new it's a bit more exciting than AdVenture Capitalist
  • Went into town, with Cookie left at home one day, and found that the new rucksack I'd been looking at getting - a Kanken Me - was not quite for me unfortunately. Very glad we got to try it out, but sad as I was quite looking forward to it, once I'd gone through the very many combinations of colours
    • Almost left my headphones in the bag πŸ’€ We'd put them in there to try it out with something lifelike - and was lucky I'd brought them - but then completely forgot they were in there before Anna reminded me πŸ˜…
  • Cookie spent a couple of days at Anna's parents, which was nice to have a couple of days just us, getting some bits around the house done, having a bit of a lie in, and things being a little quieter
    • Morph took full advantage of the time she was away, walking straight into the living room - without being chased away - and able to get some very good truffle time and sleep on the sofa
    • But was very nice to have her home, the house felt very empty without her πŸ₯Ί
  • Made some minor updates to my CV, like adding a max-width
  • My (much older) 4K monitor has started to not work after the latest NVidia + Linux Kernel update, need to try and roll them back to see if that's the issue, as it now won't turn on when it's at 4K resolution, but anything below it works 😬
  • Finally made (some) calls about things I've needed to do like booking my dentist visit
  • Went to Rakki Rakkas with Carol on Friday and ate in, which was very good πŸ˜‹
  • Very disappointed to see Spotify is killing off Heardle, as it's one of our daily games 😭
  • Was nice to see my blog inspiring others πŸ’œ

The earworm for the week has been Don't Leave Me Lonely (feat. Elley DuhΓ©, Punctual Remix)


  • My Name is Earl
  • Ted Lasso
  • The Mandalorian


  • The Magician's Apprentice

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