Week Notes 23#14

Finally coming to some time off, with a long Easter bank holiday, followed by next week off too.

  • As with last week, been enjoying the Heatwave limited time mode on Apex Legends, where I've been enjoying solo with a Charge Rifle just trolling/baiting other teams. Been fun for me at least, think I've been rather annoying to everyone else πŸ˜…
    • Managed to get ~2300 damage one game - accidentally as Horizon - with the Charge Rifle poking, and almost won
  • Had some big updates to DMD this week:
    • Did some internal refactors to make the structure of the project much more extensible in the future, which was fun and I'm pretty happy with
    • Added the ability to check for CVEs, via the very cool osv.dev which I'd not heard about before
    • Replaced the minimal one-page site with a hand-built Hugo docs site with a much improved amount and quality of content, as well as adding some executable demos which made some refactoring after that much easier as I had a bit more of a safety net
    • Was cool to see that Cobra does autogeneration of documentation for command-line tools, meaning the site can have the CLI's documentation, too, with no extra work
    • Also submitted as a talk to DevOpsDays London 🀞🏼
    • Shared it out with a few Slacks and communities, and had some good feedback, including flagging some changes needed in The Changelog
    • Tweaked the schema to replace locked_version with a better derived current_version, so that should be more accurate now
    • Just found that the docs haven't been publishing due to the way that Netlify was "optimising" builds
    • Made a bit of a caching tweak for HTTP calls out to endoflife.date for dmd db generate eol and managed to make it go from ~120s on my work mac to ~2s πŸ‘πŸΌ
    • Found that Asciinema's player no longer distributing a webcomponent, which is a bit of a shame as it was a bit more awkward to add to the docs site
    • Now just kinda wanting some more folks using it 🀞
  • My time using Twitter is (basically) over now, with Bridgy - the API that means I can still interact with Twitter from my website - dead, so I'm actively trying to spend less time on it. I've moved it from the location on my phone home screen, and am trying to only use it for consuming content sparingly, instead focussing on making sure I have other platforms to follow folks on, but it's super frustrating cause I would prefer only having a single interface to use. I've gotten very used to the workflow + feel of being able to i.e. reply from my own site and get it syndicated, and it's very frustrating not having that any more.
  • Cookie was a very good girl while Anna was away with work, being mostly chilled on my sofa, in Anna's office, or downstairs, despite not getting as many walks or as interesting things going on, even in evenings when she's sometimes a bit annoying, and instead sleeping on my office sofa while I gamed
  • For our work dependency-management-data repo we don't have a way of being able to get alerted when there's not data pushed to the git repo, so made a hacky "monitoring" solution with GitHub Actions which tags relevant people in a GitHub Discussion if a certain number of publishes isn't met. Seems to be working well, even if it is a bit of a crude solution
  • Turned on - and then quickly turned off - dependency-management-data's ability to pick up pending Renovate updates from renovate-graph as it ended up turning a 2 hour job into ~9 hours 😬 Gonna have to rethink it, although it was super handy having data available!
  • Was a bit harder to go to bed while Anna was away, not least because doomscrolling
  • Was very taken aback with the quality of the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Easter egg box, being incredibly flimsy, but the egg was nice so it's OK
  • Cookie's rolling in poo from last weekend didn't magically clean itself up - nor did our attempts to nicely clean it - so we needed to properly bathe her on Tuesday and she was not as happy as she was the first time we bathed her just over a year ago. Turns out if she's not a starving rescue, it's harder to motivate her, but we ended up doing well, she was a good girl, and smelled much nicer and cleaner, and was softer too πŸ₯°
  • This Easter weekend we've spent a lot of time in the conservatory which has been nice, but we could do with a reshuffle and having some side tables
  • Scrumbles did a virtual Easter egg hunt which I submitted my answers in 11 minutes, so think I have a good chance of winning 😏
  • Thought I'd try and get my YouTube watch history, via Google Takeout, so I could try and work out what the top songs I used to listen to were, but most of the videos are apparently now deleted, so can't work it out unfortunately
  • Found that, aside from Deliveroo's official websites and GitHub, I'm the top referrer to the Deliveroo Engineering blog, with quite a few hits πŸ‘πŸΌ
  • Listened to a good deal of The Chainsmokers this week
  • Made the Gousto lamb tabbouleh but it's still not quite the same as the first couple of times we did it
  • Down the road was cornered off for a possible bomb threat
  • Getting closer to deciding on my new backpack, and when trying to send a link to the image of it - on Telegram - it accidentally split into ~40 messages because it was a big data: URI
  • Cookie lost her shit when Leo tried to come near me on a walk which was very funny, but also sad cause Leo's so chill and it would've been nice to say hello
  • Walking past a house on a walk earlier in the week, we saw two little dogs who were barking at us - I said hello back, and they kept (in my defence, cutely) barking, but Cookie was less impressed
  • First dog walk with our local dog walker which went well πŸ˜„
  • Virgin Media had a bit of an outage one day this week which meant I was (seemingly, to me) unreasonably overly frustrated at everything happening, making doing anything incredibly painful and frustrating
  • As I'm writing these Cookie has hiccups πŸ₯Ί


  • My Name is Earl
  • Ted Lasso
  • The Mandalorian
  • Star Trek: Deep Space 9


  • The Magician's Apprentice

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