Week Notes 23#12

The week of finding out if I would be part of the redundancies at Deliveroo - TL;DR I was not - but we're losing a lot of good folks which really sucks πŸ’”

  • As the few days off for my birthday and the weekend came to an end, I was feeling like I was more likely to be made redundant, coming up to Wednesday morning and feeling particularly anxious ahead of the email arriving any time after 0930

  • As I mentioned to my colleagues, I was deflated, relieved and disappointed by the news, having made a bit of peace with the news, and looking forward to some (somewhat paid) time off and been excited to look at some other options for jobs, but also it's nice not to have lost my job and be forced to look for a new role. As much as I may have viewed it with a positive outlook, the reality of it will have been very different, and don't want to trivialise a difficult position a lot of folks are in

  • Had planned for a Burg on Wednesday, but instead had it on Tuesday as we had an extra discount that expired on the day, and thought I may not be up for a Deliveroo if I'd just been made redundant πŸ˜…

  • I managed to focus my nervous energy on Wednesday morning into publishing I don't think I want my next promotion (yet)

    • Got a few messages from folks both in and out of Deliveroo off the back of it, which has prompted some good convos
    • Although it didn't do well on Lobsters or Hacker News, The Changelog featured it and through that and it looks like it's appeared in Google News feed, I've been having a fair few hits, and hoping that it's been interesting to folks
  • Had a reader get in touch about about some questions around the ADHD diagnosis process which was cool!

  • Had the weekend in London seeing my family to celebrate mine and my sister's birthdays - which luckily I felt a bit more like celebrating as I wasn't made redundant - which was nice to catch up with the fam and:

    • Had some good cakes
    • Had some good steak at Lomito
    • Had a very good butter chicken at Bombay Central
  • Cookie was poorly while I was away but fortunately the vets say she's OK, maybe just eaten something on a walk that she shouldn't have

  • Cookie got some new food - which she very much likes - but the next morning we found that Morph really wanted to have some too, because he'd managed to knock the bag out of the box it was in, onto the floor and had a good go trying to chew his way into it πŸ’€

  • Submitted some talks to DDD East Midlands and even if they don't get accepted, I'll maybe just blog about them

  • Did a bit more tweaking to DMD this week, and on the train home this afternoon I made some progress to anonymising the data (i.e. for bug reports) but got blocked by the SQLite extension for sha3 not being enabled in either of the Go libraries I'm using

  • While trying to get Deathloop downloaded on my PC - as I'm finding it hard to play on the Steamdeck - so played Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 as it was the only singleplayer FPS I had downloaded, and was odd to play after so many years

  • Morph's snoring away on his dining room tower as I write these πŸ₯°

  • We've had Cookie a year, today! Very weird trying to think of life without her but also weird that she's only been here so short a time


  • Office Space
  • Idiocracy
  • My Name is Earl
  • Ted Lasso
  • The Mandalorian

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