Week Notes 23#10

  • Was fighting for top place in AdVenture Capitalist on Monday, but didn't quite get the top spot
  • Finally gotten around to reading ADHD 2.0, which was recommended to me when I first announced my diagnosis
    • Managed to finish it in the day 😅 Yay for 2x speed
    • While listening to it, I then started thinking about how books-mf2 wasn't up and running (as it was still on the Heroku free tier, and therefore not running) and so would need to replatform it before I finished reading, because I wouldn't ever want to be unable to track my activities exactly
  • Replatformed books-mf2 to Fly.io and rewrote it in Go
    • Gave me a good chance to play around with Chi instead of my usual gorilla/mux, as I wanted a chance to play around with a Go net/http compatible router, instead of something like Echo or Gin
  • Was very interesting listening to the latest Go Time
    • Spent a lot of the time thinking about how great it all sounded and that I wish I had tooling like that, and ideating how I'd end up building it myself
  • Done a bit of publicising of DMD this week, hoping to get a bit more usage of it
  • Cookie's been barking at / trying to open the cat flap
  • Morph's been very good at coming into the living room this week, even after Cookie chases him away
    • He's been enjoying coming in through his secret door
    • Had my lunch with him on Wednesday while Cookie was at her playdate
  • Had some very cute cuddles with Cookie, a few times on my office sofa 🥰
  • While Anna was on a work trip, I was solo parenting with Cookie
    • Was mostly an OK week, considering Cookie's claw was still recovering and she wasn't able to go out on long walks, and then we had a tonne of snow 🌨 that meant she couldn't go out much ...
    • ... not least because she then hurt her paw later in the week 😳 And it's still recovering, but she seems to be doing better
    • We think it was Cookie's first experience of snow, because she was perplexed by the concept of it, but at least I managed to get some good videos of how cute she was with it
    • Cookie had a play date with Nelly which was very appreciated
    • Ended up getting 0 takeaways while Anna was gone, which was not like me - I'd ended up getting all 4 Goustos, and a rack of ribs from Asda on Sunday, so there was a tonne of food to make. Managed to make it work by cooking in evenings and having leftovers for lunch, after Monday I cooked at lunch and found it a bit tight for time
  • Got a little bit nerd sniped by working out how to work out if Twilio tokens are still active
  • Had some very cute Friday morning cuddles with Cookie since Anna was back
  • Accidentally locked Morph in the dining room on Friday, so couldn't make it to get his lunch 😅
  • Played some Jackbox at work for our Friday board games session which was fun
  • Caught Morph licking Cookie's head yesterday which was very cute
  • Handed over Renovate and Dependency Management Data at work, which I've been planning to do for a while, and glad to have had it done. Spent a good chunk of time prepping for handovers, and feel like it helped get my thoughts in order too
    • Also good future proofing for making sure that Product Security have some experience managing it if I do end up being made redundant 😬
  • "The date" for finding out if I will be made redundant has slipped from 20th March to 22nd March, which is a bit frustrating
  • Been interesting thinking abaout how it's been 3 years since the start of COVID lockdowns, and interesting to read back Week Notes 20#11 and Week Notes 20#12
  • Had a bit of a panic that I'd not written last week's notes, or that I'd missed a week, but turns out the dates were just confusing
  • Got around to some maintenance for cucumber-reporting-plugin, after spotting an issue from a month ago of someone asking about updates, and spent a bit of time trying to work out why the upgrade to the latest version of Cucumber failed
  • Made a few tweaks to renovate-graph
  • Got our first Easter egg from Lidl 😋
  • After a couple of months of our posters being ready to put up, we finally got around to putting them up
  • Been feeling a bit ill this weekend, hoping that we're not coming down with another case of COVID, and that it's just a bad cold
  • Cooked for lunch today 😱
  • Had a few emails this week about various things based off my blog, and was cool to chat to a few folks about different things
  • Saw Stimagz on TikTok, and they seem pretty cool, so I've ordered a set to see what they're like 👀
  • Our neurodiversity community at work is thriving more than usual, which is really lovely 💜


  • Superstore
  • Star Trek: Deep Space 9
  • Back to Life
  • The Mandalorian


  • ADHD 2.0
  • unmasking Autism

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