Week Notes 23#09

  • Had Carol round to celebrate her being able to officially go zoomies
  • Didn't end up submitting a talk to GopherCon UK, as I ended up re-reading the talk lengths and realising that a 60 minute session wasn't quite for me
  • Spent some time getting my CV updated, ahead of X-posting my post from a couple of weeks ago about the redundancy onto LinkedIn
    • Had a few people re-share it and say some very nice things about me which is nice!
    • Also had some folks reaching out about some interesting things, although I've not quite gotten around to looking into them in too much detail
  • Bit of a quiet weekend after a busy week
  • Started looking again at my micropub-go branch (that's in production with my journal) for a library-first Micropub server, which will be nice to get sorted so I can start using it across several backends, as well as starting work towards moving my personal site to a dynamic site
  • Managed to get down to updating dmd to set up end-of-life checking, which I've previously built (in the proprietary original implementation of the DMD project) but glad to have it now available for everyone, and I like my implementation a lot better this time around
  • Got very close to escaping Hades for the first time
  • Morph and Cookie haven't been getting on great this week - Cookie's been chasing Morph out the room, and Morph's been getting her back by being a little more aggressive to her when she doesn't his boundaries, including boxing her quite significantly πŸ˜…
  • Cookie was very interested by a bunny at the pet store
  • Spent a while trying to work out why, although Go 1.20 was released and in the Arch repos, I couldn't download it - turns out the mirrors I was using for packages were very out of date. TIL that can happen!
  • Found the last of the mince pies in the cupboard that have a couple of weeks left to be finished
  • Unfortunately Asda pizza wasn't available, but we got some nice chilled pizzas
  • One of Cookie's dewclaws came away from the nail bed so she's been in a bit of pain, but the vets said she was OK and she's got some anti-inflammatory meds to keep it down


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  • Loki
  • The Mandalorian
  • Superstore
  • Scrubs
  • Purple Hearts
  • Who Killed Santa? A Murderville Murder Mystery
  • We Have a Ghost

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