Week Notes 23#08

  • Kicked off the week with an every so slightly themed retro with Phaeleh - Moving On and Yoe Mase - Getaway Car
  • Had a couple of games of Team Deathmatch in Apex Legends this week, one where I was playing a good bit of a hide-and-seek in a 1v1 just to keep the win (as up until then I had most of my team playing), or today when, again, most of the team left
  • After cooking one night I looked down and saw a couple of my fingers looking a little odd. Turns out the new (carrot) grater had ever so slightly trimmed my skin 😅
  • Found out that I've never actually finished the final season of Community so as we've been rewatching it, the last couple of episodes were a nice ending, #6SeasonsAndAMovie aside
  • With consultation starting on Wednesday, I thought that watching Office Space, which was rather on-the-nose, but a fun watch, especially while I was debugging Renovate issues
  • The dmd CLI is now in a good place, and was cool to get cross-compilation working with CGO
  • To make it easier to consume the new auto-building (via dmd) database that we've got at work, I've added a new roo dmd CLI which I'm already using heavily 🙌
  • Tried the custard cream milkshake from Fireaway pizza (which we got free) which was fairly custard cream-y but would probably try the other options next time
  • Sorted out my slow site builds
  • Morph's been spending more time in the living room, or at least attempting to before Cookie gets a bit rambunctious
    • But he's also been rather like a yo-yo as he kept coming in, maybe getting some cuddles and then leaving again
  • Got a very deep clean car wash for the first time since "the paint incident", and have been a bit more careful about putting Cookie's crate back in to not damage the seats as much
  • Not played the event for AdVenture Capitalist as I've won the last 3 in a row but been disappointed with the rewards so thought I'd take a pause on obsessively playing 😅
  • Cookie got barked awake when watching Community and Britta snored 💀
  • Had fun watching Morph have a go at trying to eat out of one of Cookie's puzzle feeders, who was more interested than concerned


  • Community
  • Star Trek: Deep Space 9
  • Loki
  • Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

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