Week Notes 23#07

  • Got my replacement monitor - finally after many days of being told it'd arrive the next day - so 🤞 this one doesn't have the same issue longer term
  • My watch got stuck for a couple of hours "preparing" for an OS update - which started before bed - which meant I lost some steps in the morning
  • Did my first contribution on SourceHut, as we're doing some JSON schema codegen, which was cool to see something different
  • Finally got around to working on dmd, the CLI for dependency-management-data, and happy with where it's got to
    • Was nice to quickly bootstrap a project and be able to make something quite functional
    • Also given me some chance to rethink the database schema
    • Going to be blogging about it tomorrow methinks, as I want to get the Dependabot DB support too
  • Helped a couple of folks looking to pursue ADHD diagnoses 🤞
  • Had a fun game of Apex as Loba trolling a Lifeline who couldn't get their gold backpack from their ult 💀
  • New season of Apex is good, really enjoying the changes they've added, and although Team Deathmatch isn't quite Gun Run, I'm enjoying it as an alternative
  • Did a walkthrough for the team of one of our Go services, which seemed to go well, and was nice to show off some of the things I've learned
  • My site stopped building - albeit very shortly as I reverted the commit - because one of the sites I interacted with had a "filename too large" and the GitLab CI runners - nor my machine locally - could git pull 😬
  • Caught Morph scrabbling up a tree and then licking the tree stump quite intently 😅
  • Cookie had a bit of play with Blaine one evening and the lock on her lead got unlocked, but she didn't escape this time
  • Morph has attempted to - and successfully - got into the living room for some cuddles which is nice
  • Last-minute organised a day off to watch Ant Man and The Wasp: Quantumania, and had Cookie at Anna's parents for Friday and Saturday
    • Morph very much enjoyed having free reign of the house, and was super cuddly. Was both nice and sad to not have Cookie around, and glad we monopolised the time with Morph
    • Enjoyed Ant Man and the Wasp, although we didn't get round to watching anything ahead of it to revisit it, aside from a 15 minute "things to know before you watch it" thing on YouTube
    • Had a lovely dinner at Paris, drinking cocktails, chatting and having some good food with table service
    • Went into town for some shopping and lunch at Cartwheel with Carol which was nice
    • Morph was super grumbly when Cookie arrived home 😹
  • May have a squirrel building a nest in our bedroom ceiling 😅
  • Anna helped me to tidy and reshuffle my office around, which was very appreciated and things look much better 🙌🏼
  • Had a great call with Prospect this week that helped answer some questions about redundancies, as well as giving us
  • Started prepping for putting the shelves up, and got rid of the weird shoe holder boot thing in the hallway, which took a bit of destroying the wall to do
  • Had a nice catch-up with James and Aash


  • Community
  • Star Trek: Deep Space 9
  • Ant Man and The Wasp: Quantumania
  • Loki

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