Week Notes 23#06

  • Had Carol over for dinner on Monday which was nice to chill and catch up πŸ₯°
  • Managed to get Morph to start washing my face - once when he was washing normally and I tricked him into continuing onto my face, and once he just started licking my face πŸ₯°
  • Caught Morph earlier in the week washing the side of his tower πŸ˜…
  • During some excited play with Cookie before bed one night, she enjoyed putting her paw on my mouth as well as just being a very cuddly-play
  • Not a big fan of the Discover Weekly playlist this week, so been listening to my Liked Songs, and rediscovered Jonas Blue again
  • Cookie went out of her way to get Anna slippers, although they were put rather out of her reach
  • A couple of days of Cookie while Anna was in the office, which was quite good as she was pretty sleepy, although she'd not had a proper walk with it being too cold in the mornings
    • Had a very late Tuesday lunch what with trying to tire Cookie out at lunch, and with meetings either side of it, meant I didn't eat until much later, when a few restaurants had closed 😱
  • Had Wednesday off to rest up a bit, as last week I was finding I probably needed it
    • Did some gaming, chilling, and a bit more work on the Job DSL issues, and got much better progress through the Jenkins LTS upgrade
  • After a couple of weeks of doing some on-and-off scripting of my site's analytics data, I posted a review of my analytics data over the years, which was super interesting to look back at and compare the year-on-year growth I've been getting
  • Got my dependency-management-data project at work auto-syncing in the background, which is handy because ...
  • Deliveroo announced redundancies on Thursday
    • I think I'll be writing a bit more about this privately, but it's definitely been a bit of a shake up, there are a lot of uncomfortable and unhappy folks, and the next few weeks are going to be pretty tough while folks wait to find out if they're still going to have a job 😬
  • I'd planned to not post about the redundancy news until Friday, but given I was getting a lot of traffic from Hacker News about my salary post, I ended up posting about it to maximise the benefits of the traffic I was getting
  • Started reaching out to a few folks in my network to see if there are things that I may want to get involved in, if I do end up no longer working at Deliveroo
  • Treated myself to chocolate orange Shreddies for Friday breakfast as a consolation prize for the news
  • Got a tasty Burg for Roo Friday Lunch, and found their Piri Piri loaded fries are very good
  • Finally got around to unionising
  • Finished True Blood, which was a pretty good ending although there were definitely some things we thought could've been different
    • Been reciting Russell Edgington's "I'm almost 3000 years old" a lot this week
  • Got out to Dunelm yesterday for some bits which was good, and as we were on the way to do some shopping, saw Cookie was not having a good time, barking and had opened one of the cupboards in the kitchen, so decided to head back early
  • Cookie's come into season, which we've never been confident in the past if she has been, so at least we have definitive proof that she's at least had one season! She seems to be doing OK which is good, but no off-lead fun for her
  • When I sat down on the chair in the conservatory, Morph immediately rushed over and started purring on my lap πŸ₯°
  • Been getting some gorgeous photos from my parents who are in Barbados, and it looks 🀩
  • Made some progress in working through the chaos of my office and tidying at least some of it away
  • Started scaling down my Kubernetes cluster, by moving the few apps I have still running on it to Fly
  • Back to the dremel with Cookie and having some good progress
  • Had a bit of a exciting play with Cookie earlier and she jumped at me - mouth open, with teeth exposed - and so the inside and outside of my nose was miraculously bleeding a little πŸ˜…
  • Been getting very frustrated with my site this week which I believe is something around the hosted GitLab CI runner, but I've been getting timeouts after an hour as Hugo doesn't seem to finish syncing the static files, and posting feels even slower than usual
  • Was a bit confused why they were so many notifications on the back of the garage camera, when we found that it's cause Morph couldn't get into his cat flap, as the batteries had run out πŸ™€
  • Started following more folks in the Fediverse as I managed to get the Bridgy Fed IndieAuth support working with token_endpoints, so now it's much easier to follow, although the ~2000 people I want to add may need to wait, as I'm following people as and when they show up in my mind / follow me, so please follow me first!


  • True Blood
  • Community
  • Star Trek: Deep Space 9

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