Week Notes 23#05

  • Accidentally left my watch on overnight and got some interesting sleep data from FitBit. That night I'd also not got my phone properly on the charger so in the morning needed to stay in bed a little more to wait for them to charge
  • Cookie did not appreciate the window cleaners earlier in the week, being properly surprised by suddenly seeing a window cleaning brush against Anna's office window 💀
  • Was cool to hear from an ex-colleague that one of my dotfiles - still in a repo at the company - helped them solve an issue they had 🚀
  • Tom started on, and finished, the new cupboard in the hall for better storage needs
    • Cookie slowly got more used to him being around, although was still unsettled and barking a fair bit
    • It's great and really nice to have some great quality work that fits perfectly into our home
  • Got around to writing a meta post about my week notes - it's worth a read 👀
  • Got a message from someone who'd got their ADHD diagnosis off the back of my posts, which is super awesome
  • The new (wool) blanket is really nice - feeling more temperature regulated, and although we've sized up, I'm still hogging the blankets 😅 Definitely feels like a little bit of a weighted blanket at times
  • Accidentally stole from Lidl 😂💀 Don't worry, I immediately went back when I was part way home and checking my notifications I saw a "card declined" notification 😅 Not sure if the staff didn't care or what, but when I rushed back in and said I needed to pay they were super cool about it
  • Had a couple of days of hyperfocussing on certain songs this week
  • Posted a few more notes this week than usual
  • Off the back of Filippo Valsorda post I'm Now a Full-Time Professional Open Source Maintainer and some general financial planning for the year, been considering whether a 4 day week, with one day dedicated to paid Open Source, would be quite nice
    • I've also set up GitHub sponsors and Ko-Fi as a separate means to get paid if that helps too
  • This also comes after a couple of weeks of being @'d on PRs/issues for Job DSL
  • Digging into a Job DSL issue which required me to get a bit more familiar with Jenkins again. Last time I looked at Jenkins upgrades for the plugin it ended up with 100s of errors, but now it looks like I've got the right incantation to be more minimal failing tests, and 🤞 I'll be able to work out what's changed in Jenkins core that's breaking the plugin
  • With Twitter's API closedown next week, I've been looking to get Bridgy Fed's IndieAuth support tweaked so I can follow all the folks I used to follow on Twitter
  • After chatting with Riccardo about Hades in our 1-1, that evening I was looking for something to do in the evening and thought I'd give it a go after Dave's talked about how great it is and I've been playing it a good amount of the week, and really enjoying it.
  • Cookie's got a new hoof this week and is loving it, although the house smells rather hoofy
  • She was very good while it was just me and her, chewing it and went downstairs to sleep as I forgot to get a bed out of Anna's room
  • Got a really nice shout out at the Tech Huddle from Kingy 🥺
  • Played a fair bit of AdVenture Capitalist
  • Morph managed to get into the living room for about a minute yesterday when Anna took Cookie out for a wee and within 2 seconds truffled on the blanket 🥰
  • Run out of our tea 😱 But luckily have some backup until we can get to the shops
  • Had some very nice cuddles with Cookie on Thursday where she had a good half an hour of scritches 🥰
  • Declared Firefox window bankruptcy, and closed the ~100 windows of Firefox my desktop had open (some with dozens of tabs 😅) - it got to the point that I could often not use it for several minutes after booting, and although I kept windows as a way to come back to in-flight projects, it ended up causing more problems than needed
  • Tried Fireaway pizza and it's pretty good and a decent price compared to other places in Nottingham
  • Had a nice walk in Rushcliffe Country Park
  • Got to The Larch Farm for a roast - after our failed attempt last week - and it was so good 😋
    • Cookie did not have a great time - she got into the living room but aside from a cushion on the floor instead of the sofa, and a nose-print on my Steam Deck, didn't cause too much damage - and aside from some barking and howling from not 15 minutes after we left, we were happy being able to be out and have a bit of a normal time
  • Nice to see a few more folks doing Life Notes, looking forward to having a read


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  • Star Trek: Deep Space 9

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