Week Notes 23#04

A busy week ahead of my parents coming to stay:

  • One night Cookie was barking to be let back into the kitchen, so begrudgingly we did in case she needed to go to the loo, and it turns out she was narc'ing on Morph who was standing on the counter
  • Played a lot of AdVenture Capitalist this week - managed to get to first place in one event, and grinding hard in the other events running this week
  • Maxed out my dopamine by double-barrelling Apex Legends while also playing some AdVenture Capitalist
  • Morph managed to catch my ear and the side of my face with a nom this week - my reactions have definitely been hampered
  • To maximise my time playing Broken Moon on Apex Legends one night, I took Cookie for a walk early so I could have the full hour to play - only to find out I'd mistimed it and I had an hour to wait πŸ˜…
  • Got GitHub App authentication set up for renovate-graph which was a bit of a fun one to try and work through, and means I can start using it to be a little more for keeping organisations up-to-date
  • Got the blog post out for Roo Talks which was good, and glad to have my OpenAPI talk live. Was thinking it's a shame I won't be talking about it at FOSDEM, but also am glad I didn't commit to it!
  • Earlier in the week Cookie didn't want to come upstairs for bed, so left her downstairs with the door open, but she ended up coming up not to long after which disturbed our sleep a little
  • Got some really nice shout outs at work for the work on dependency management data I've been doing (largely via renovate-graph) which has been cool πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
  • Rolled out some more Renovate rules, and so far getting some positive feedback on it - as well as some areas to improve
  • Our new duvet arrived, which involved an upgrade to Super King size, and looking forward to trying it out tonight with the new fancy duvet cover, too
  • Had my parents up to stay for the weekend which has been nice:
    • Been a mostly chilled and chatting weekend, with some grumpy / barky Cookie
    • Left Cookie at home while we went over to Sherwood and the Crimson Tree for a tasty lunch, which she was mostly OK about until she wasn't πŸ˜…
    • Got some tasty bits from Pudding Pantry for tea
    • We got Cookie a new filled bone - and gave it to her while we were out - and when we arrived home she was excitedly carrying it in her mouth and gremlin greeting us while it was still in her mouth as she ran around. Very cute and derpy, and she's been doing it today too. We think she was a little bit too excited to leave it be in case anyone/Morph took it from her, and she's been getting a bit frustrated trying to get the middle out as she's got the easy bits
    • Made a Gousto satay pork which was good, but cooking the rice slowed it down as usual (especially while we're still getting used to induction)
    • Had a nice walk at Blidworth Woods
    • Weren't able to get out to what would have been Anna and my first Sunday roast in years (totally not bitter πŸ₯²) but had a good Pieminister instead
    • Got to ride in the Tesla which is very snazzy and makes us sad to get in our own car again
  • (Re?) learned that Street Food Club is no longer in the Victoria Centre, which is super sad as it's always been a good option for some tasty food


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