Week Notes 23#02

My quarterly on-site in London for the middle of the week

  • Had hoped to finish early the day before so I could pack, but feedback and self-reflection took a bit more time
  • Bit of an early start getting a 0649 train to London
  • Some good sessions over the days
  • Ate some great food, and had some great time seeing the work gang
  • Had a great ending to the time with a couple of hours of Codenames, with some excellent interference, incredibly left-field connections the most tangential connections between words that definitely involved a little delirium after a few days of late nights, meetings and (mostly) concentration, after a week and a bit of doing feedback requests
  • On the way home, one of the train staff got well crabby at the person opposite me to get them to move their bag - pointing aggressively at it from the train window - then announced it across the train πŸ’€
  • Missed some of my dailies while at the on-site, so had to do some time travelling to get them, cause I don't wanna miss my streak


  • Finally got my Chef post finished
    • Thanks to Dan Moore for posting it to Hacker News, although it didn't get any bites - probably because it ended up being a long read, but I hope it's a good read for folks, I was glad to have finished it and be able to drop the knowledge out of my brain
  • Took a bit long to make, but had a Char Sui-Style Pork Bao Buns with Mooli Slaw & Loaded Fries for a Gousto on Monday, which was nice, but cause of a misjudgement on timings, it ended up not being as good as it could've been
  • Wrote a thing for End Of Life checking in AWS Lambda, as I found some use-cases for it, and Open Source'd it
    • started on making endoflife.date integration, so there's also information about how out-of-date the language is compared to the AWS Lambda runtime, which will also feed into my longer term End Of Life checker for dependency management data
  • Started rewriting the EOL checking for Dependency Management Data on the way to work, but given I didn't have dependencies installed - or a good set of test data to work with - it's been slow
  • Accidentally left the house without my phone on Monday's walk with Cookie 😱 Very surprising turn of events, but noticed when my Bluetooth disconnected
  • Our Shark hoover arrived, and it's been good so far, although still getting used to all the attachments and settings
  • While at Ikea, Cookie managed to escape her confines of the kitchen - which we guessed it may have been when her barking was curiously close to the front door camera, despite her being supposedly gated off in the dining room - and was upstairs unencumbered πŸ˜… She took some of Anna's clothes from the bedroom, and my clothes from my office, and took them to her upstairs bed πŸ₯Ί
  • Cookie scared us awake last night with barking, which is always fun, but she seemed very intent that something was there for quite some time 😬
  • Today's Nflxdle was literally impossible - despite us getting it - as it was a two character name, and the auto-complete doesn't trigger until it's 3 characters 😑
  • Had a very cute welcome from Cookie on Thursday, who was very excited to see me, and apparently every time she came in from walks she'd look around for me 😻
  • Pretty sleepy this weekend, taking it easy to recover from a very busy few days, with not a lot of sleep


  • The Recruit
  • Army of Thieves
  • Blockbuster
  • Community
  • Army of the Dead

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